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Artist Bio:
Education: Master’s Degree of Fine Art
Hongik University: Graduate School of Fine Art

Group Exhibitions
Korean Fine Art Association Exhibition (1991-2002)
Chonbuk Contemporary Artists Exhibition (1987-1994)
Seoul Contemporary Art Festival (1986-1998)
South Region Contemporary Art Festival (1988-2000)
Third Contemporary Art Exhibition (1994-2001)
Drawing Group Exhibition (1988-1997)
Changwon Group Exhibition (2001-2005)
International Art impact in seoul/Tokyo (2001-2002)
Hongik University Alumni Exhibition (1998-2004)
KIS International Contemporary Art Exhibition (1994)
Korean Rising Artists Exhibition (1993)
Seoul Drawing Biennale (1998)
Private Exhibition Hongik Museum of Art (2001)
Expression of Culture and Convention Exhibition (2000-2002)
Gangwon-Do Kick of June (2001-2002)
Exhibition of Jeonju University Professors (2003-2005)
On-Go-Eul Invitation Exhibit (2009-2014)
Minhwa Group Exhibition San Diego (2017-2018)
Companion Exhibition San Diego (2018-2019)
Exhibition San Diego Art Festival (2016-2019)
Solo Exhibition of San Diego Are Center (2017)
Solo Exhibition Mission Vally Library (2017)
Solo Exhibition Mission Vally Library (2019)

Chonbuk Art Exhibition <Special Prize> (1981)
Prize in the 1st Korea Art Exhibition (1981)
Joong-Ang Fine Arts Prize (1982/1984)
Korean University Art Exhibition <Special Prize> (1983)

Lecture and Judge
Anyang High School of Art (Teacher of Sculpture)
Wonkyang University (Instructor of Modeling and rendering)
Nambu University (instructor of Visual Design)
Jeonju University (Instructor of College of Culture Convergence)
Judge of Sculpture in The Korean Housing Corporation
Instructor of Color Design in The Korean Housing Corporation
Judge of San Diego Art Festival

Current Affiliation
Member of Korean Fine Art Association
Director of Institute of Korean Architectural Modeling Art
Director of Operation of Korean National Treasure Culture Festival
Member of SD art center

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