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Much of my work emanates from an internal dialogue, but some of it comes from my own expression of more overarching themes that I return to again and again. I am interested in the interactions we engage in as humans, the struggle for enlightenment, and the search for our place in the world. Journeys are another metaphor that I use, with much of the world focusing on the movement and interplay of people and cultures. Vessels and boats are also an important theme because they represent shared journey on the river of life; people sometimes moving with the flow, and other times struggling against the current. I strive to be an agent of positive change, to become changed at the same time, and to continue to grow as a human being. Art can make us feel the entire gamut of human emotion, from joy and elation to sadness, vulnerability, and despair. It is a universal language that influences, inspires, and touches the heart and mind of all people”

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