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Artist Bio:
Sofokli Jorgo Telo

I was born in Albania in 1976.

Since early age I was surrounded by art after being influenced by my father. He was an artist, poet, musician and painter.

After observing nature , people in the province and working with sketches, experimenting with oil paints, at age 14

I studied for 4 years at art school in the hometown of Gjirokastra.

After finishing school at age 20 I moved to Athens where the capital Helen came in broad areas of knowledge and perfection and in the company of many other artists.

I went through so many stages with oil paints until I found what suit me more.

I work for many years in Greece in different galleries and in 2015 I decided to open my own shop right in the center of Athens below the acropolis temple .

2015 was a year of success for me after participating in two international exhibition. One was in April in NYC and one in December in Miami.

In 2018 I moved in usa trying to discover and live more in the multidimensional of contemporary art …

I have so much love and desire for painting and that makes me enter deeply in beautiful art finding new way and open new doors for my feelings…

Additional Info:
Both the two Art creations that I show here are made with a long proces with fabric ( not canvas) with oil colours.
Started like a “aksident” back in 2004 when one night I find my self without canvas and a very old friend coming in my atelier…

I grabbed the tablecloth … and sketched her unique silhouette of the stand … The next day followed with plaster and the following day gave life to the rare habit of her look …
Always in my heart (A)

Also “Come to me” made this year( 2019)
As a inspiration from the past and maybe more will following with the same way …
They both are very unique and hard tecnique… like the old masters worked on the wall …Are two piece of art that can moved and can decorate a unique home and keep alive forever our mistics unique moments…
Thank you ( T )

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