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Shex was always a creative soul. He was trained in architecture at the university of Sarajevo in Former Yugoslavia. He presented his architectural proposals with paintings at every opportunity during his eleven-year career. When civil war broke out, he escaped his homeland for Italy, to pursue his love of painting. At Rome’s famous Piazza del Popolo Shex met a group of artists who introduced him to the Renaissance painting technique of “sfumato” which became his signature style in his Magical Realism paintings. When he migrated to Montreal, Canada, ultimately settling in Toronto, he started to paint in the abstract style. Abstract art is an exploration of form, color, texture, pattern and composition, but above all it is an expression of artistic freedom. Shex believes that abstract art is the most difficult form of art, as he seeks to find harmony in an interplay of colours and forms. He loves creating large abstract paintings led by his creative instinct, rhythm and improvisation. Shex has also been inspired by Le Petit Prince. His figurative paintings, inspired by this classic, convey the difficulty and the resolve in being different. On the threshold between childhood and adulthood, masculinity and femininity, his simplified but strong individuals stand on the edge of humanity with their pure hearts, quiet intelligence and required courage. A multiple award-winning artist, Shex won the best in solo section at Art Expo New York in 2015. He has shown his work in numerous Canadian venues, in New York, Miami, San Diego, Las Vegas, Philadelphia in the US, and in Rome in Italy, Marbella in Spain and Havana in Cuba. He participates at Art Fairs internationally because contact with people interested in art motivates his work.

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