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MELISSA WALTER is best known for her optically stimulating sculptures of twisting paper and drawings of detailed geometric patterns. She visually explores concepts concerning astronomy and astrophysical theories. Walter has worked as a graphic designer and science illustrator for NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and as a team member of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Her experience has inspired her to visually articulate wonders of the universe, such as black holes, supernovas, neutron stars, dark matter and, more recently, dark energy.

Walter has completed artist in residence programs at 1805 Gallery and Bread & Salt in San Diego, and participated in exhibitions at the Smithsonian’s S. Dillon Ripley Center, Quint Gallery, the San Diego Art Institute, Torrance Art Museum, and Helmuth Projects. She also had an exhibition at the San Diego International Airport  titled Intergalactic Dreaming in 2017. Melissa Walter received her BFA, cum laude from the University of Rhode Island in 1998.

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