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Artist Bio:
Priyanka Mac is an artist interested in capturing the dynamics of color and texture. Her painting is influenced by her work within the fashion industry, and has been exhibited in private and commercial venues.

Priyanka holds an MFA from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. She lives and maintains a studio in Los Angeles, CA.

Artist Statement:
From the people that I have met in my life thus far, I find most of them to be multi-faceted individuals with complicated underlying intricacies. Art has allowed me to dig into these individuals subconscious without revealing in words their strife’s in life. I find myself choosing colors that not only accentuate my mood but also help me in defining my subjects, which then my hand naturally flows to. I believe people battle various obstacles throughout their lives. Some face their battles on a daily basis; some perhaps once in their lifetime while others choose to hide behind a mask. My paintings represent these very people that have managed to create a picturesque façade to “mask” their complicated lives. The subjects I choose are a clear representation of that mask but their intricacies and problems surface through my strokes and patterns made on the canvas.

From a very young age I was exposed to the hardships people must face in their lives. As an optimist, I almost refused to believe that they were true, until my life began to unfold and history started to repeat itself. In the fashion industry I met various individuals who have been successful at creating these masks to hide their insecurities. They are also using these masks to veil the ugliness embedded in the industry, which I find ultimately gives way to that same ugliness in their lives. I am simply using my art to go behind the mask to explore the different facets of these people. My perspective then is from the inside out.

I am an accomplished oil painter who has been studying the medium since the age of eight. I have expanded my medium to acrylic, spray paint and mixed media due to the love of texture and balance. Color and stroke have always been a great fascination of mine, which is also how I view the world. The repulsiveness and rawness of life is what I choose to slowly reveal through the beauty of stroke and color. My paintings are a juxtaposition of ideas-the blatant richness of beauty and the ugliness of which it can cause.

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