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Artist Bio:
JORGE MARÍN (Mexico, 1963) is a sculptor. He has over 25 years of experience. He works with bronze, in dimensions ranging from miniature to monumental sculpture.

His pieces testify the interaction of millions of Mexicans with art and have incorporated it into everyday life, such as El vigilante, a gigantic sculpture halfway up a hill of the entrance to the municipality of Ecatepec or Plaza de Alas, in between the hills of La Marquesa Park.

He has been included in more than 260 individual and group exhibitions in four continents. His work has been presented in museums and galleries in Europe, in countries such as Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, France, Hungary, Portugal, Turkey, Azerbaijan and United Arab Emirates; America (Canada, Costa Rica, United States, El Salvador, Guatemala and Panama); Asia (China, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Kuwait); and Africa (Egypt).

His work Alas de México accumulates thousands of kilometers around the world. This piece has been permanently installed in eleven cities of four continents and as temporary installations in 20 major cities situated in diverse latitudes.

Jorge Marín, besides creating wing beings, he has sculpted rafts, animals and any other forms that provide an enlightenment of consciences through art to promote reflection on our societies.

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