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Artist Bio:
Oleg Lobykin (Russian, b. 1966) is a sculptor who works in a variety of materials from stone to wood, bronze, composite materials and stainless steel. Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Lobykin now resides in Silicon Valley and also specializes in the restoration of landmark architecture and sculpture.

He began his career as a master stone carver, honing his skills in one of the oldest forms of artistic expression. His work is inspired by nature and the life force behind it. It shows his fascination with a harmony of contradictions between chaos and order, darkness and light, negative and positive. He explores how they’re interconnected, how they can stay in balance, and how the meaning of thought or beauty can take shape in physical form. His work is a search for the roots where and how form is born, gets a soul, and begins life on its own. The combination of space and lines varying in size, angles, directions and complexity creates the form. Space + Line = Form.

Lobykin exhibits in the San Francisco Bay Area and has completed a number of projects in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Japan. Clients have included Stanford University, The Presidio Trust, The City of Cupertino, The City of San Jose, Cathedral Stoneworks Inc., The Denver Public Library, Yale University, The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Cloisters), The Cathedral Church St. John the Divine, The Jewish Museum NYC, Alabama Limestone Co., & Artists and Architects.

Additional Info:
Talking Heads is an 18-ft high abstract sculpture, a spatial composition based on a balance between negative and positive space in conjunction with a line that can create an image or point of reference to spark imagination.

The open-ended title invites you to consider. What comes to mind as you regard the piece? Maybe you see some seeming silhouettes, maybe your association jumps to music, or perhaps political pundits cross your mind. What if there are little voices inside your head arguing over what it means?

Although the shape is organic, the S-316 high chromium stainless steel is clearly a man-made material. There is a covert connection to technology here. Could that cause you to contemplate communication, including the impact of social media? Is everybody only talking, or is somebody listening?

This is a work of imagination, inviting the engagement of curiosity with creativity. The viewer can experience a multiplicity of meanings, depending on what goes on inside their own heads. Some may prefer looking at an object, while others like looking through the object. Maybe everyone lives in different realities, physical and virtual. Talking Heads can show the power of imagination to lead us into a metaphysical and magical experience of metamorphosis.

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