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Artist Bio:
Matone Bone was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This self-taught artist excelled in painting and drawing since very young.

She paints Patagonian landscapes and traditions, but also the people who work the land and their animals, all over her country. She meets those people in their environment in order to get to know them and therefore be able to reflect a bit of their souls in the canvases.

Most of her paintings are Plain-air. Her work has been prized several times. Bone showed her paintings in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, the USA and Germany.

Georg Miciú Nicolaevici said about her work “ an oil canvas that brings forth the force of a plain -air cannot be missed ! A painter is an ARTIST when he reaches balance between sensitivity and experience, just the way that Matone achieves it !

Two articles about my work were written in the Buen Ayer Magazine .

Additional Info:
I was on my way to my cabin in Bariloche, down south, and I decided to take a lonely road. I saw the shepherd in the distance…. l love those moments !!!! Hurried and climbed up the path. Intercepted the man, and took several photos… when animals are moving, it’s impossible to stop them.. but the feeling and the smell, remained as I closed my eyes while I painted them.

Artist Statement:
I am an impressionist. Mostly I mix my colors in the palette, but also in the canvas. While doing this work, I tried to remember the way the animals looked and moved .

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