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Artist Bio:
Mónica ALBISU was born in Bahia Blanca, Bs.As.,Argentina. Lawyer, dancer, pianist, composer, she has painted since she was very young.

After her first steps in painting by herself, she decided to study with the best in their type : Noe, Zorrilla, Distéfano, and Ellen Eagle, Mariano del Rosario, Beth Mackenzie un the Art Student League in New York.

Her work was shown in the airports of Cordoba, Buenos Aires and Neuquen; un the Congress of Argentina, and in the Senate.

The Queen of Holland has got one of her works. She’s also exhibited in Uruguay, Paraguay, New York, Aruba, Vietnam, Germany and Poland. Her works are published in different Books.

Additional Info:
In this piece Monica has decided to set her feelings into the canvas. The approach is that of an essentialist painter, and shows us a FACT OF LIFE.

While being in Ho Chi Ming, she was asked to attend a class. The people were surprised to see such vibrant colors and the use she gave to the rubber brush. She then decided to donate some of her paintings.

Later on she painted several pictures that , in a LET IT FLOW way, and full of profound subjectivity and sensitivity, depicted a way of life she saw in that Faraway land.
The work, full of color and density, will call the attention of each viewer, who will have the opportunity to close the circle with their own ideas and feelings, and thus enriching it.

There are several interviews in You tube, in the name of Monica ALBISU Art.

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