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Artist Bio:
I had the good fortune to spend my high school years in France where art is a way of life. My parents took me to the museums of Europe where I constantly asked myself, “How did they do that?” — never imagining that I would one day dare take a paintbrush in my own hand.

I have researched my maternal line back nine generations and it is their experiences and the idea of time passing through generations that has shaped my art up to this point. I am always putting into paint what I can’t see and don’t understand. It is that mystery and intensity that I love.

San Diego has been my home since I was nine. I spent my high school years in France, a few years in Germany, a summer in Iran, but my home has always been San Diego. I have a B.A from UCSD, M.A. from CSUSM, and five years of fine art education from Mira Costa College.

Currently I work and show my work from my studio at Arts District Liberty Station, Point Loma, home to many artist studios, museums and galleries. I have attended and enjoyed Art San Diego for many years and am excited to be a part of it this year.

Artist Statement:
To be an artist is a dangerous and powerful occupation: dangerous in the extent of the unprotected self; powerful in the way artists hold the future. What they write, what they draw, what they propose often define the direction of a culture. The goal of my art is to process the events, thoughts, understandings and questions that populate my mind into a visual format that others might understand or question their own events and thoughts in a new way. I am interested in the commonality of our lives and the idea that we are not alone, that we have our place in a historical sequence of generations.

My art comes from instinct, comes from dreams, comes from inside. I want my art to be a visual form of a truth we can understand without words. The goal of my art is to represent what it means to be alive — to have seasons and stories, make decisions, give birth, flee danger and find love. To survive pain and witness freedom, to restore, to repent while belief and doubt wrestle out the details. For me, art justifies existence.

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