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“Humanity is connected to nature; our place within it and the energy we derive from this relationship. As the world around us becomes more and more fraught with stress and uncertainty, there is an even deeper need to connect with the earth and consciously integrate joy in our lives.

My process is similar to the early Canadian Automatists – using heavy texture and only a palette knife, I strive to capture the energy of the world around me. I don’t think about the final results – rather I prefer to choose my colour palette and then immerse myself in the act of creating – intuitively finding my way to a final product. I realize that I like the element of chance and risk while working – I don’t always know what the final result will be or how the woodgrain might manifest. Mixing my colours on the knife, I don’t have full control over how the colours will mix in a single knife swipe. Once the colour is laid down on the raw wood or canvas, I can’t pull it back. In life, you have to commit. In art, taking the risks and committing to the art of creating brings me joy that I hope will be embraced by those experiencing my work.”

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