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Artist Bio:
JULIA ROSS works with art mediums of encaustic and acrylic, gouache, oil and ink mixed media on large canvas, canvas board and acrylic board. Fine Art Paintings and Sculptures include acrylic, metal, and resin encased gallium.

Drops of encaustic wax and paint begin the process which extends to the canvas and defines an artistic view of landscapes, water, sea life and the ever changing climate. Layers of transparent color and metallic elements combine to relay a calm strength inherent in both the subject matter and artwork of this artist.

Artist Statement: Sitting on the beach, breathing the sea air, listening to the waves roll in, viewing all variation of color that no man could recreate. The ocean series of encaustic, acrylic and ink paintings bring me to a place, away from everyday reality to relax in the flow of artistic work. The colorful paintings exude happiness.

10% OCEAN Series Paintings Benefit Ocean Conservancy

The University of Texas, Austin – Fine Arts

Benefit Events:
Artists Benefit Ocean Conservancy Spring 2018
Artists Benefit Hurricane Harvey Fall 2017
UNDERWATER OCEANS Exhibit Art Gallery Pure Summer 2019
Duality Exhibit Gallery 440, Summer 2019
Self Realization, Exhibit Gallery 440, Spring 2019
ART OF DESIGN Exhibit Art Gallery Pure Spring 2019
WATER SOLO Exhibit Gallery 440, Fall 2018
Oceans Exhibit Gallery 440, Summer 2018
OCEANS Exhibit Art Gallery Pure, Spring 2018

Additional Info: 
Lavender Dawn abstract impressionistic painting by Julia Ross inspired by Monet, builds a view of lavender fields at sunrise. The 20×20 mixed media painting on metal includes a French hanger for a modern thin profile.

The lush qualities of encaustic and gouache pigments are encased in layers of resin with colors of green, aqua, deep blue to define the landscape.

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