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Artist Bio:
Jennelle Marcereau is an award winning and internationally recognized landscape photographer. An intrepid spirit, Jennelle has traveled the world to capture the exquisite beauty of nature through her camera. Her lens provides a window to the natural world in its multiplicity of forms from the sand dunes of Death Valley to the Marble Caves of Chile.

Jennelle is tireless in the pursuit of establishing her iconic, large- format, landscape photographs. She is a strong, goal driven woman, on a mission to capture perfection and leave a legacy as the woman willing to go to the ends of the earth to “get the shot.”

Born in Detroit she earned her degree in Medicine from Michigan State University in 1997. Currently based in Seattle, when not practicing as an Emergency Physician she revives her own soul in the outdoors with her camera.

On any given day you could find Jennelle Marcereau, 51, on the side of a mountain at 5 am waiting to capture sunrise or treating a patient for chest pain. She’s turned to the outdoors, travel and photography to center herself after demanding shifts as a ER physician. After spending 20 plus years traveling internationally to get the shot, she’s chasing an entrepreneurial whim and opening her own gallery. The Jennelle Marcereau Gallery opens July 18 in Tacoma, WA.

On display at the gallery: A curated collection of her favorite images and stories ranging from Mt. St. Helens to the marble caves in Chile.

Force of Nature: From taking a helicopter into the Yukon to exploring the Hoh rainforest, Marcereau is usually the only woman on photographer trips in a male dominated industry.

Industry recognition:
2017 Outdoor Photographer – Nature’s Colors Contest – Semi Finalist
2017 Outdoor Photographer – American Landscape Contest – 2nd Place
2016 Outdoor Photographer – American Landscape Contest – Semi Finalist
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Artist Statement:
I saw a photo in a magazine of the Marble Caves in Chile and knew I had to see them for myself. After 36 hours of travel, I landed in an airport in Chile unsure if my guide was going to show up… Fortunately she did. We had a fabulous time traveling on the Carretera Austral; a highway constructed to link small villages in Chile. The caves first appear as a large monolithic structure in the middle of the largest glacial lake in Chile; Lago General Carrera. The famous Patagonia wind produces large waves which have sculpted the caves out of the marble slab of rock and created incredible textures, patterns and labyrinths that are mesmerizing.

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