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Artist Bio:
The Kiss II.
Karl has been a fine artist his entire life and is well known for his portraits, seascapes and landscapes. You can find his work hanging in over 350 public and private collections. In 2002 Karl led the introduction of the Heisman Trophy Awards on national television by painting that year’s winner. In 2010 Karl had his first Solo exhibit at the National Arts Club in NYC featuring his series “Iconic Obsessions”.

Artist Statement:
In my paintings the subjects are iconic in who they are or what they represent and, since our culture has become so absorbed in celebrities, they are often the focus of my work. As the audience studies the painting and its symbols a story unfolds like a puzzle.

Additional Info:
V-J Day. It began with “A date which will live in infamy…” and ended with a celebration kiss.

When I heard the sailor from the famous photo by Albert Eisenstaedt had passed I found myself remembering the stories my father had told me about that time. In my second painting of this famous Kiss I decided to take a more fun approach in the symbolic background.

Instead of utilizing symbols of WWII I chose symbols of kissing. Lips are the background along with many famous kissing scenes. There are more than 60 portraits in this painting.

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