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Artist Bio:
Hu Jundi (Hu Yong) was born in Jilin Province, China in 1962. He graduated from the Oil Painting Department of the Southwest University in Chongqing. Hu Jundi currently resides and works in Chengdu, China and is a member of the Chinese Artists Association and a board member of the Sichuan Oil Painting Association.

Hu Jundi mastered the fusion of Chinese classical poetry with the depth of western oil painting techniques. His works weld the simplicity and veiled nature of the East as well as the refined and free style of the West with complete integrity.

Although the subject matter is frequently female themed with classical charm and beauty, Hu Jundi’s work continues to explore meanings of life and the causes of suffering through the unique implicit nature of the East in an expressionistic style. In essence, the female portraits in the paintings are the appearances of what the world would like to see and the beauty of the characters emerges from the strength that has endured the sadness and sorrow underneath.

Hu Jundi’s work is more than just another beautiful paint, it’s the academic and poetic representation of human and social conditions in the world. His unique body of works defines an era in the history of art.

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