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Artist Bio:
Working from her studios in British Columbia and Washington State, Grace Chadwick, has been showcased in galleries for 31 years. “I question relationships, and how nothing is permanent by exploring the vices and personalities people hide, divorce, rumors, deception, and concealing who we are. Do love, loyalty or honesty even exist? We only know our truth…all striving for balance, yet unbalanced, just at different degrees of the emotional wars in our heads. My work is for transparency and being more honest with who we are. Whether it be acceptance, global mental health awareness, or a world that people can seek help without fear of being stigmatized.”

Experimenting and exploring is her obsession as she plays with transparency, luminosity, permanency, and light as it relates to her point. Learning early on that only she can push and teach herself. Originally a newspaper photographer at The Oregonian, Grace blends her photography with metal plasma cutting, welding, paint, composite materials and fiberglass.

Additional Info:
Exploring the many vices and personalities people hide. Grace’s obsession to experiment with transparency and permanency in materials is evident in this series as they are all coming out as different body masks that are worn and hidden by many. 10 in the series made from fiberglass composite materials, all different yet the same form.

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