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Artist Bio:
Born in Nyanga, Zimbabwe, Africa; Gedion currently lives in Phoenix, his sculpture studio is in Carefree, Arizona

Gedion Nyanhongo’s sculptures offer to the viewer treasured elements of his Shona culture – the traditional values of the importance of community, positive and respectful human relationships, the sacredness of life – with the intention to seek, evoke and inspire these same values in their own families and cultures.

Gedion’s father was a driving force of the innovative Shona Sculpture movement of 1950s. “I watched my father sculpt and I remember loving it and knowing that it was what I wanted to do.”

Gedion’s career began in 1988. His sculptures are in private collections around the globe and publicly at Atlanta International Airport and the Phoenix Zoo. His vision and technical skills have earned him international recognition as a Shona Art sculptor of excellence.

Artist Statement: 
“My Shona Art Sculptures are a tribute to enduring life values in enduring stone; I communicate some of life’s softest, most cherished concepts in some of world’s most hardest of materials. I release the spirit inside the stone.”

“Many artists create by building – I create by subtracting. The natural configuration of a stone calls to me and I remove what
doesn’t belong.”

Additional Info:
Gedion creates his sculptures using traditional carving techniques used for generations by the Shona people of Zimbabwe. Each sculpture is one of a kind.

He exclusively uses stone mined in Zimbabwe – such as serpentine, springstone, opal, lepidolite and verdite, which he imports to the United States. “Using the basic hammer and chisel to carve the stone, I also scrape, drill, file and sand – all by hand, and only by myself.”

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