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Artist Bio:
Laura is a full-time artist under the beautiful San Diego sun. It only takes a single step towards her studio to feel the positive intentions and joyful fulfillment that art brings her. A single piece of her art is able to capture emotions so grandeur in bliss and strength – it speaks directly to an onlooker. Her pieces are so captivating that there is a dire need to touch and feel the art to help the mind explain the unforeseeable emotions that are evoked. It feels good, plain and simple.

It is no wonder why flowers bloom wherever Laura steps because her art captivates and people smile. She exudes positivity and a pursuit of soulful fulfillment and happiness in her day-to-day life. Married for 30+ years, her husband and three children aspire to continually look at life as she does – it is a gift that is always given, zealously and generously. Now, she shares it with the world through the tools and mediums that have partnered with her talent and have become an extension of her soul. Mind, hand, and tool are one. That is why her art speaks volumes of heightened and uplifting emotions.

Not only is Laura’s art inspired by the celebrations of life around her, but she is inspired by her life travels. After growing up on the countryside of Wales, and moving to the hustle and bustle of London she experienced two very different ways of life at an early age. Loving the cultural differences in the UK alone, she made it her mission to explore and travel more. Her travels included Africa, Europe, France, Budapest, Copenhagen, and Mombasa just to name a few. After each travel, Laura learned that there was a common emotion in each place: Love is the highest feeling and we can control our own happiness. It is not determined by our situations but it is determined by our nature and our outlook to seek more for ourselves. Life is magical and we have to make the best of it.

It was a short time later that Laura and her husband waved good-bye to England and decided to move to the United States. They started a new life, in a new country and traveled from Florida to California by car. It was an adventure, an exploration and a plan based upon the pursuit of a utopia that they now call home.

Twenty-five years later and hand in hand with her husband and three children ranging from the ages of 9 to 27. Laura is youthful and enthusiastic to share her love, her sparkle, and her life through her art. There is nothing like it because ultimately, the artist is one-of-a-kind and there is no one quite like Laura Anderson.

Additional Info:
This piece was created using Sculptured Patina: Sculpting from resin, putty, epoxy, and fiberglass. An art piece takes a great deal of time due to multiple variables. Variables such as drying time, desired texture (smooth or rough) and shape. Often I will add 3D sculptures to my art, which requires engineering the pieces together.

Once sculpting and carving are complete I apply up to eight layers of liquid metal that are mixed with a hardener and catalyst. I could wait for 5 to 100 years to let a patina naturally occur or bury my piece in the ground but with magical chemicals, I can create a controlled patina. I can also stop the patina once I have achieved the desired effect. This process alone can take as little as a few hours or as much as a few days or even weeks to achieve. It is a wonderful process because as much as I can control the amount of patina added to any given piece, it still has a life of its own, thus making each piece unique. It is magical!

I smooth my pieces with steel wool and use a polishing tool with a felt tip. Once that is complete, I will polish my art with a metal-specific wax that has a built-in hardener and UV inhibitors; this step gives the art luminosity. In some cases, specifically with a rusting art piece, I will skip the wax altogether to keep the rust-look authentic.

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