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Artist Bio:
Danielle Hirsch is an abstract artist and ICU registered nurse living in Seattle, Washington.

The influence of spending her formative years living on and near the ocean in both southern California and the western gulf coast of Florida can be seen in her use of a rich palate of ocean-colors. Danielle’s paintings are intensely personal moments gathered from both her personal and professional life– she strives to translate these moments into beauty no matter what the origins.
All of her paintings are built from acrylics, epoxy resin and various mixed mediums. Danielle’s technique is one focused on not only stretching the image across the expanse of canvas, but also building it outwards, towards the viewer—this is accomplished by building the image in layers over time. Each layer is composed of heat-manipulated resin and acrylic paints and her work has a unique and complex depth to it rarely captured within a painting.

Additional Info:
Sliding Towards the Light, 2019

This painting represents the strength of the relationship between contrasting colors and the ambiguity of the unknown.

The topics of mortality and fate are discussed by Ms Hirsch by her intentional stretch of the curved red path without a definitive beginning or end. The brilliance of the red color contrasting with the blue epoxy background is used to represent the building tension of mid life as we begin to face our own mortality— perhaps pointing at the exact moment a human first realizes they have lived longer than the time they have left.

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