Booth #427

Artist Bio:
Sullivan Unwrapped After 23 Years
His artwork takes a fresh, intriguing look at life. Pulling from life experience, he writes stories with each work.

The subjects are emotional fragments of events present and past rising to the surface, often through a train of sketches—pencil, Prismacolor, then culminating in a painting, if they can find their way.

“paint with paint. choose verbs.” ds

Press Release:
Sullivan was Unicef Illustrator of the Year at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, in 1994. When illustration went to the computers, Don did not.

He continued to draw and paint artwork, most of which were then put into storage. There have been some personal shows, but seldom if ever a public viewing of most of his work, that until a year ago.

This will be the fourth viewing, and by far the biggest. Come and enjoy Don Sullivan’s spectacular works, both drawing and painting, at CH Fine Art booth #427, Art San Diego Contemporary Art Show, October 10-13, 2019.

‘he who waits………….waits’ ds

Additional Info:
Frida Kahlo is known for her self-portraits, a result of an unfortunate accident at 19 which left her infirm and often bed ridden and riddled with pain. This interpretation of her dreaming of transparent frogs, conveys the reality in which she lived.

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