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Painting is a mental, physical, and spiritual experience that takes me away to another place and time. I get lost in a world filled with vibrant color, rich texture and swirling movement. When I come back, I bring a piece of that world back with me.

I have always had some partial color blindness. Certain colors and tones are hard for me to separate. As an artist I took what could be a hindrance and turned it into one of my strengths. I am fascinated with color relationships and I obsessively experiment with the possibilities in each of my paintings. My collectors say my use of color is one of the main reasons they love my work.

I paint thick, vibrant, oils on canvas influenced by the color, movement and texture found in the natural world around us. My recent paintings are designed to be hypnotic. I start with a big flowing design that keeps your eye constantly moving and returning back into the canvas. Then I develop more detailed layers that engage on a deeper level. I don’t want you to look away and always see something new each time you view it.

Being prolific is something I’m known for. I have a huge body of work that has grown and changed over time. Visitors to my studio are always impressed by the impact of so many large, original oils.

I have my art hanging in businesses, hotels, restaurants, wineries, public buildings, mansions and homes around the world. I have dedicated my life to developing an original technique that utilizes the highest quality paints, canvases, tools and finishing. Although, what I am most proud of is that people say my work makes them happy.

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