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ALBENA is a French artist of Bulgarian origin who advances in a spectacular way. Her painting has inherited various traditions, including that of masters of the icon. Using different oriental sources, she has created a world of troubling fairy, which is a real fascination for the eye, as her glowing colors create magic. Tender, loving, her characters live in a world of peace, harmony and mutual consolation. Let us not forget that poetry was her first passion. ALBENA lives in the parallel universe of tales, of big universal legends, of invincible childhood and enjoys an outstanding sensibility. The ease and the elegance she has acquired allow her to express a wide range of feelings. Spiritual and sensual, she is undoubtedly only at the dawn of more than a promising journey. We have here an authentic talent, especially considering her recent admission into the sphere of painting.

Like most people from the Eastern countries, ALBENA is intensely inward-focused, a soul searcher. Sensitive to the suffering of others, her childhood dream was to become a doctor – and art is another way of bringing gentleness and hope into the life of others. Using color in her ‘organic and psychic’ actions, to use Deunov’s expression, ALBENA introduces us to a world free of violence, oneiric, luminous, filled with love and compassion, yet not empty of reality or fantasy. With ALBENA, light is omnipresent, making the characters transparent, as if filled with an invincible spiritual force that does not, however, eliminate sadness or introduction. Her works bring enchantment to the present. Maeterlinck said that ‘what distinguishes us from one another is the relationship we have with the infinite.’ Painting, like other forms of art, is in fact a metaphysical question, a pretext for excess in any form. It is about aesthetics. ‘As artists, we cannot add pain to the world,’ ALBENA likes to say. The marvelous part of her gift is this return to the lost paradise, the dimension where childhood lives side by side with the profane and cynical world.

Luis Porquet for “Les Affiches de Normandie”, 2015

Albena is represented by galleries in France, Qatar, United States, Argentina.  She resides in Rouen, France.

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