The 4th Edition of ART SAN DIEGO  was held from Sept. 6-9, and showcased a fresh new concept and a fresh new venue.  Moving to the 38,000-square-foot Balboa Park Activity Center designed, by Rob Wellington Quigley, opened up an opportunity to explore a more urban theme and also collaborate with leading art institutions in Balboa Park. Over 10,000 art enthusiasts were in attendance for the four-day fair – the largest turn-out of the event to-date.
The opening night welcomed over 2,600 collectors and was the social highlight in San Diego – bringing together a diverse audience, including numerous artists and leaders who have helped shape the San Diego art scene for the last 60 years.  There was enormous buzz about the new venue and also the strength of the art and galleries participating. 
“We had a great roster of galleries and museum partners this year, and we were thrilled to be in Balboa Park,” said Ann Berchtold, founder and director of ART SAN DIEGO. “My hope was that the fair could provide a vibrant platform for San Diego’s enormous diversity of art and artists, and to demonstrate that the work created here stands up alongside leading international art. The universal enthusiasm about the quality of this year’s show revealed a strong appetite in this community to acquire great art and engage in an immersive artistic happening”

After such an incredible turnout and experience with the fourth installment of ART SAN DIEGO, there are many more great things to be expected for the future. One of the newest additions to the growing ART SAN DIEGO scene is a digital experience. As a way to extend the art fair, ART SAN DIEGO, in partnership with Collectrium – the leader in providing cutting-edge art technology to the art world - is launching ARTSD ONLINEARTSD ONLINE is an exclusive virtual viewing room for collectors to browse works by over 60 ASD exhibitors and purchase directly from the dealer. The site can be explored here
“The fair provides not only a great forum to purchase great works but also the opportunity to meet and forge relationships with gallery dealers and artists that match the sensibility of the collector,” explained Berchtold. “This new online forum provides a great mechanism to maintain and continue to build that relationship, and a vehicle to introduce new works throughout the year not previously shown.”

We captured some great interviews by several participating ART LABS:


Alexander Jarman | SDMART

Art Lab 05: San Diego Museum of Art in partnership with Double Break Gallery
Curated by: Alexander Jarman and Chacho Herman
Artists: Jamilah Abdul-Sabur, Noah Doely and more!

The San Diego Museum of Art is proud to partner with Double Break, a gallery and shop located right next to San Diego’s Balboa Park, to curate a display of works by regional emerging artists. The exhibit will include many artists from the Museum’s Summer Salon Series, an annual program of contemporary art and culture, featuring installations, screenings, and talks. This year, the Series featured important, celebrated artists such as The Yes Men, Pierre Bismuth, Rina Banerjee, Andrew Dinwiddie, Steve Lambert, and Yinka Shonibare, MBE, along with exciting, emerging artists from across the country.


Brooks Hudson Thomas | MCASD–Downtown

Art Lab 02: Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego
Curated by: MCASD, Brooks Hudson Thomas, Blaire Dessent
Artists: Dino Sanchez, Orange and Park, Tanya Aguiniga, Carla Aguiniga, Welcome Projects, Von Tundra, Scout Regalia

Product Porch is a unique pop-up shop at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego’s downtown location. A collaboration between MCASD and successful design retailers Brooks Hudson Thomas and Blaire Dessent, Product Porch is a destination for new design and creative retail in San Diego. The store offers accessories, functional objects, limited-edition prints, and furniture made by a new generation of creative talents and emerging talent from all over the world.


Dave Hampton | Objects USA

Art Lab 03: Objects USA
Curated by: Dave Hampton
Artists: Fred Holle, James Hubbell, Robert Matheny, Sheldon Kirby

For ART SAN DIEGO 2012, Objects USA will present Maximum SD Vintage, a collection of works made exclusively by local painters and sculptors during the 50s and 60s. While focused on a select group of artists, such as Fred Holle, James Hubbell, Sheldon Kirby, Bob Matheny and Russell Baldwin, Maximum SD Vintage still features a diverse range of works that includes abstract expressionist paintings, hard edge constructions, and sculpture in wrought iron, wood and bronze - all of it local, all of it vintage. Curated by Dave Hampton, Maximum SD Vintage is designed to acquaint collectors with local art history by illuminating some of its most dynamic participants in a relaxed, modern setting, made complete by the furniture of Charles Eames.


Hermione Spriggs, Emily Grenader, Kate Clark | UCSD

Art Lab 01: UCSD Visual Arts Department
Curated / Produced by: Kate Clark, Emily Grenader, Hermione Spriggs
Artists: Kate Clark, Emily Grenader, Hermione Spriggs

FAIR IS FAIR is a site-specific cross-disciplinary project curated and produced by Kate Clark, Emily Grenader, and Hermione Spriggs, current Master of Fine Arts candidates at UC San Diego. Blending installation, photography, and performance, the project lies in the exploration of tangential strings that form points of connection between the 1915 California-Panama Exposition and the 2012 ART SAN DIEGO Contemporary Art Fair. Visitors are invited to participate in a live photo booth scene of San Diego’s past and present, observe quintessential regional historic moments re-performed, and peruse the wares of the Museum Store of Authentic Contemporary Artifact. Overlapping and tickling the present’s past and future, FAIR IS FAIR becomes a transportation device that muddles time, embraces redundant models, and reveals new meanings to the event genre, finding in the journey a new space of honest exchange.

Interviews Producer: Juan C. Calzetta III | Event Videographer: Xavier Vasquez | Post & Motion Graphics: Anaimation.com


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