Art Labs

2016 Art Labs

Art Lab 1: Open Walls Project

Artist Andrea Bowers, "Education Not Deportation"

Throughout San Diego beginning October 17 & special installation at ASD
Curated by: Marcos Ramirez ERRE and Ann Berchtold
Sponsored by: Art San Diego Contemporary Art Show and OUTFRONT Media

This year marks the third Open Walls Project, an Art Lab created in partnership with OUTFRONT Media and designed to engage leading contemporary artists in transforming commercial billboards throughout San Diego into works of public art. Staged just before the U.S. presidential election, the 10 billboards will feature works that engage viewers on current political issues and cultural topics such as deportation, immigration, and police brutality. Billboard locations will span from the Tijuana/San Isidro border up throughout downtown and North Park.

The selection of internationally collected artists for this year’s Open Walls Project includes Marcos Ramirez ERRE (featured at MCASD), Sam Durant (Blum & Poe/Los Angeles), Rigo23 (Anglim Gilbert Gallery/San Francisco), Andrea Bowers (Susanne Vielmetter/Los Angeles), and Daniel Guzman (Kurimanzutto/Mexico).

Art Lab 2: Heroic Procession

Saturday, November 5, 7:00 p.m.
Art Talk Area
Featured Artists: Hugo Crosthwaite, Marilu Salinas, and Theresa Magario

Heroic Procession is a collaborative exploration of migration and movement through visual art, dance, and sound that includes Tijuana visual artist Hugo Crosthwaite, violinist Marilu Salinas and Japanese Butoh dancer Theresa Magario.

This unique, experiential Art Lab encompasses an improvised 30-minute production that seeks to trace the emotional and physical journey of America’s immigrants, particularly the procession between leaving home and setting foot on American soil. The production takes place in this interstitial space, between man and nation, between nation and nation, and between graphite, dance, and sound. In this live creativity process, the audience will have an immersive experience as they watch the artwork unfold before them, surrounded by music and dance.

Featured Artists: Hugo Crosthwaite, Marilu Salinas, and Theresa Magario

Art Lab 3: Cabina Exuro

Center Court
Design Lead: Ramiro Martinez, Jr.
Electronics: Navjeet Sarna
Fabrication Lead: Paul McCarthy
Photography/Prompts: Arash Afshar
Built by volunteers from the San Diego Burning Man family at CoLab San Diego

Cabina Exuro offers the art patrons at ASD a glimpse into the Burning Man culture. An audio recording booth built to document the conversations that will shape the next chapter of humanity, Cabina Exuro is a gift the Burner Podcast crew built for Burning Man in 2016 in order to collect short stories that may be shared on future episodes of Burner Podcast or at

The structure is a 10′ x 10′ x 10′ geodesic dome, a triambic icosahedron shape made out of electrical conduit coupled with custom 3D printed parts. These components make up the exoskeleton for the structure, which was then paneled off with laser-cut panels. This shape was chosen because of its spherical characteristics, which have been proven to withstand the dust storms out in Black Rock City, a temporary community erected in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada every year for Burning Man.

The interior of the the structure, on the right, will have a picture book of the culture and events that take place at Burning Man. In the center will be an audio recording interface where participants can record answers to question prompts displayed on the LCD display. On the left side of the structure will be a computer that plays recordings from Burning Man 2016.


Art Lab 4: Light The Night: Searching For Perfection

Front Patio
Artist: Adrian Sierra Garcia

Searching for Perfection is a dynamic light sculpture designed by Adrian Sierra Garcia, an artist, designer, and architect who creates immersive, large-scale, ephemeral environments that transform everyday places of transition into spaces of communication, reflection, and wonder.

The futuristic work of art radically displaces the viewer’s conception of time and space, transporting them into new, mesmerizing dimensions. The volumetric piece features a cluster of large red LED light tubes composed of polycarbonate tubing and aluminum structure that radiate an endless array of dreamy light patterns.

The intelligent lightsabers, originally designed for Garcia’s monumental interactive art installation, Of Two, on the Simone de Beauvoir footbridge in Paris (2012), have been exhibited in numerous places throughout Europe and the United States.

Adrian Sierra Garcia
Adrian Sierra Garcia
Searching for Perfection
Searching for Perfection - Dynamic Light Sculpture

Art Lab 5: Into The Light

A collaboration between San Diego Art Institute and San Diego Art Prize
Curated by: San Diego Mesa College Museum Studies Program
Artists: Claudia Cano, Andrea Chung, Beliz Iristay, Bhavna Mehta, Margaret Noble, PANCA, Lee Puffer, Sasha Koozel Reibstein, Aren Skalman, Anna Stump, Joe Yorty

This booth will feature artwork by San Diego Art Institute members who have been nominated for the San Diego Art Prize in past years. Highlighting artists that have made the transition from their studios to solid representation in the San Diego art scene, Into the Light will feature an exciting range of affordable work geared to young art collectors that want to support local artists. A section of the booth will focus on the outstanding works of the two emerging 2016 San Diego Art Prize winners, William Feeney and Shinpei Takeda.

The collaboration between these organizations is rooted in our mutual interests to promote artists, exhibit their works, and network with the San Diego community. Mesa College Museum Studies students will be curating the exhibit, managing the booth, and focusing on outreach during the art fair.


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