2014 Art Labs


Take a look back at 2014’s lineup of Art Labs.

Art Lab 01: Perry Vasquez & VJ Aaron McFarland, THE GATES OF HECK

Curated by: Perry Vasquez, Artist: Perry Vasquez with VJ Aaron McFarland

2014 Art Labs
Perry Vasquez Performance Still by Kyunghwa Moon-Brannan
2014 Art Labs
Perry Vasquez Portraits by gumisforlovers

Perry Vasquez will present his new work, The Gates of Heck, an audio-visual adaptation of Dante’s Inferno updated with contemporary references to comic books, rock ‘n’ roll music and immigrant crossing narratives. The work considers  Hell as the ultimate borderland – a place where mortality and immortality collide and myth and reality come face to face. Collaborator Aaron McFarland will immerse the audience in his monumentally scaled video projections culled from diverse sources. Additional video editing by Farrah Emami will complete the show.

Art Lab 02: Collective Magpie with architect Steven A. Lombardi, WEIGHTLESS LOUNGE

Artist: Collective Magpie with architect Steven A. Lombardi. Production/Build assistance provided by the Numisius Chapter of Alpha Rho Chi at the New School of Architecture and Design. Structural Engineer support provided by Steve Porter.

Collective Magpie in collaboration with Steven A. Lombardi, will transform the nexus of the San Diego Art Fair into a haven of rest and relaxation in the form of a living lounge. This sculptural respite will extend its form and materiality into the fair itself and offer an opportunity for the attendees to participate in the creation of the structure. WEIGHTLESS LOUNGE presented as both product and labor playfully investigates the relationship of both producer and consumer.
CollectiveMagpie.org, StevenLombardi.com, Facebook.com/AlphaRhoChiSD

2014 Art Labs
Collective Magpie with architect Steven A. Lombardi

Artist: WSOHOIDPS with Salk Institute neurobiologist John Reynolds, Greg Smaller (LABS), Paradox at the New School of Architecture & Design and Daw-An Wu
Curated by: WSOHOIDPS

WSOHOIDPS (A SHIP IN THE WOODS) WSOHOIDPS (A SHIP IN THE WOODS) in collaboration with Salk neurobiologist John Reynolds, sound artist Greg Smaller (LABS), Paradox at the New School of Architecture & Design and Daw-An Wu team up for Rhodopsin, a light installation based on the research of Patrick Cavanagh, Laboratoire Psychologie de la Perception, Université Paris Descartes.

Our perceptual experience is not the direct experience of the world around us. Rather, it is the result of a constructive process, in which the brain formulates an ongoing hypothesis about the external world. Visual perception transforms the two tiny movies that constantly dance across the retinal screens on the back of each eye into the rich world we feel we inhabit. Opsins are biological pigments that reside in the photoreceptor cells of the retina, the cells that are responsible for the first events in the perception of light. Rhodopsin is the most sensitive opsin. It resides in the 120 million rod photoreceptors that sit in each of our retinae, enabling us to see in low illumination. In this exhibit, a flash of light will expose the observer to an afterimage as we create very unusual sensory conditions that will allow observers to experience the unfolding process of perceptual construction, from the photoreceptors to conscious awareness. Participants will experience a series of rich visual percepts that emerge through the interplay that takes place between our proprioceptive bodily sense and a visual system that is activated in total darkness.

Greg Smaller (LABS) contributes an audio component to this visual experience. WSOHOIDPS and Rita Records, in a joint effort, will also be releasing a LABS special limited edition LP, Rhodopsin. This record is a collection of ambient work that draws from the Rhodopsin installation and will be available for purchase during the exhibition. The first 50 copies will receive a special print insert. A subsequent record release event will soon follow and copies will be available for purchase at M-Theory Records and other independent record stores.

WSOHOIDPS is a nonprofit arts organization promoting elevated dialogues in art and culture.

Art Lab 04: Open Walls Project, [INTER.PLAY] OCTOBER 14 – NOVEMBER 14, 2014

2014 Art Labs
Co(lab)_SDTJ | Open Walls Project

Artists: Victor Payan & Perry Vasquez, Cesar Vasquez, Lawrence Chit & Kim Garcia, Einar & Jamex De La Torre, Raul Guerrero, Emily Grenader, Matt Forderer, Tae Hwang & MR Barnadas, Anna Stump and Nina Preisendorfer
Curated by: Ann Berchtold
Sponsored by: ART SAN DIEGO Contemporary Art Show and CBS Outdoors

Open Walls Project [INTER.PLAY] is the first public installation that will be featured on billboards throughout San Diego and at the Tijuana/SD border. The exhibition will explore the artistic and visual relationship between San Diego and Tijuana.

The Open Walls Project works with building owners and community partners to create large-scale exhibitions on sidewalk bridges, billboards, and construction fences throughout urban areas, The Open Walls Project seeks to transform typical commercial spaces, and underutilized areas while simultaneously introducing the public to the work of local emerging artists.

This Open Walls Project exhibition has been made possible by our Presenting Sponsor: ART SAN DIEGO Contemporary Art Show and CBS Outdoors.

Art Lab 05: Nodo Galería, Límites / Boundaries

César Vázquez and Claudia Ramírez have collectively developed a piece that reflects on the borders both fisical and symbolic through the characters that are caught in flight. Clay Human figurines that express the sensation of liberty without trespassing the limits we are brought under or the ones we build for ourselves. To live in Tijuana is a constant re-pondering of the impossed division. This time we pick-up flight so that from above we can look at what happens when we are on one side, then the other, and across.

2014 Art Labs
Nodo Galería | César Vázquez and Claudia Ramírez Martínez

Art Lab 06: A Reason To Survive (ARTS), Pop-Up Park: Artist Lounge
Artists: A Reason To Survive (ARTS)
Curated by: ARTS Students, Rob Tobin, Carsen Nachreiner, Jones Von Jonestein

2014 Art Labs
A Reason To Survive (ARTS) | Pop-Up Park: Artist Lounge

A Reason To Survive (ARTS) is a nationally recognized non-profit organization known for its creative youth and community development work. Community-based, youth-engaged Creative Place-Making has become a cornerstone of their work in helping to create positive change and transformation in their students and the communities they live in.

ARTS will turn the SD ART space into a creative enclave for artists and attendees to kick-back, relax and engage in creative endeavors through art and music. Made entirely of up-cycled and recycled materials, furniture, and equipment, the space will harken to many “Pop-Up Pocket Parks” appearing around urban landscapes in cities across the nation.

Attendees will be able to participate in a collective work of art over the entire weekend, listen to youth jazz, or take the liberty to create or play music on their own.

Art Lab 07: Explorations from the SDSU Furniture Design and Woodworking Community, DENDRONAUTICS
Artists: SDSU students, faculty, alumni and resident artists
Curated by: Jennifer Anderson, Matt Hebert and Wendy Maruyama

Dendronautics is defined as the art of bringing persons or scientific instruments close to the crowns of forest trees, or more generally as the art of aboreal exploration. The mission of the Furniture Design Program and the School of Art, Design and Art History at San Diego State University is to foster and nurture a strong philosophy of cross-disciplinary and collaborative learning that is based in the traditional processes of craft and material, while encouraging sculptural, innovative, and experimental endeavors within the field. While the Furniture Design Program encourages the creative use of materials such as fiberglass, steel, aluminum, and plastics, Dendronautics is a sampling of objects created primarily from wood.

2014 Art Labs
Dendronautics | SDSU students, faculty, alumni and resident artists

Art Lab 08: Co[lab]_SDTJ / Acura Art Lab, THE CONTINUOUS LINE
Artists: Matt Forderer, Alex Forderer, Chris Forderer, Jason Farai, Janelle Despot, Sean Brannan, Deron Cohen, El Luchuk
Curated by: Matt Forderer

2014 Art Labs
Co(lab)_SDTJ | Curated by Matt Forderer

The never ending line – one artist picks up where another has left off – each artist adding their own style to a canvas that will ultimately become a collaborative work of art. Co[lab]_SDTJ is a creative consortium, comprised of artists, architects, designers, etc. from San Diego and Tijuana that work together on collaborative projects.

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