2013 RECAP


Pablo Lehmann | “La Escritura del Otro” (detail)

One of the most interesting programs of ART SAN DIEGO each year is the Spotlight Artist Program, which gives collectors a focused look at several cutting-edge artists who will each be creating a site-specific solo exhibition at the Fair in November.

ART SAN DIEGO 2013 Spotlight Artists Include: Pablo Lehman represented by Black Square Gallery, Miami, FL; Drew Tal represented by Emmanual Fremin Gallery, New York, NY; Marcos Ramirez “ERRE” represented by Luis De Jesus Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA;  Margaret Noble, San Diego, CA and KREASHUN, San Diego, CA.

Pablo Lehmann. Buenos Aires, AR
Represented by Black Square Gallery

Pablo Lehmann | Title TBA

Pablo Lehmann (1974). Argentinean, lives and works in Buenos Aires. Graduated as Licenciate from Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte (IUNA.) Pablo cuts shapes and text from large sheets of paper and synthetic cloth, often using the sheets to create three-dimensional installations.

“What Pablo Lehmann does with language is what most painters do with pigment. Using a layered paper and synthetic cloth approach, Lehmann erects massive letter-based installations, which, like the colors used by a painter vary (dependent on his/her particular mood), Lehmann’s “words” develop, while shifting time, space, texture and shape. His process of experimentation— with geometry and space, with his intricate use of paper and words— to create objects, cutouts and wall-hangings may very well be what separates him most from other visual artists.” – Stark Magazine

Drew Tal. New York, NY
Represented by Emmanuel Fremin Gallery

Drew Tal | “Awakening” | Metallic fine art print mounted on aluminum | 45 x 45″

With his works included in the permanent collection at the Norton and the New Britain Museum, Drew Tal’s successful career has been nothing but a soaring ascension into the global art world. Tal lives and works in New York. His striking work combines photography with digital media to render highly stylized and realistic figurative imagery. Growing up in Israel, Tal was exposed from an early age to a world of multiple ethnicity, surrounded by many religions, cultures and conflicts.

Reflecting from his own narrative on those subjects, the artist consistently draws inspiration from his homeland to recreate a personal approach to human portraiture. Focusing on faces and dramatic close-up portraits, Tal’s composition suggests palpable notes of human contention as well as spiritual transcendence with an underlying uniform beauty. Monks, androgynous characters religious figures, angels and demons are his singular emblems of portrayal.

Marcos Ramírez “ERRE”. Tijuana, BC, MX
Represented by Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

Marcos Ramírez “ERRE” | “Bush” | Right & Left Panels | Polychrome paint on metal | 36 x 36″ each

Acknowledged as one of the most significant figures in the history of borderland cultural practices for over two decades, Marcos Ramirez ERRE (known by his pen name “ERRE”—pronounced ēh-RHrē, the sound of the Spanish double R letter) translates intricately related sociopolitical complexities into tangible objects that operate as ‘material moments’—constructed situations that confront viewers with the problems of global politics articulated in the space of the everyday. A formally-trained attorney, skilled carpenter (he spent 17 years working in the U.S. construction trade), and self-taught artist, ERRE’s practice includes performance, installation, sculpture, billboards, photography, video, and painting. 

ERRE’s new series of works, entitled Playing Series Serious, uses humor, word play, and the format of crossword, game search, Sudoku, labyrinth, and maze puzzles to continue his strategic appropriation of language-based signage. His work addresses the internalization of politics into thehabitual vernacular of the everyday. Testing the limits of cognition as well as the conventions of word and sign puzzles, Playing Series Serious also explores translation, misunderstanding and the impossibility of choosing to recognize what is hiding in plain sight.

Current Exhibition: Luis De Jesus Los Angeles 
present Marcos Ramírez “ERRE” in his first solo exhibition at the gallery, titled Playing Series Serious, on view from April 6 through May 11, 2013.

Margaret Noble. San Diego, CA

Margaret Noble | “44th and Landis: Performance” | Live sound art performance using electronics, voice and found objects

Margaret Noble’s work is influenced by the beat-driven dance culture of southern California during the 1980s. This inspiration led her to perform as an electronic music DJ in the underground club community of Chicago for several years during the late nineties. In 2004, Noble branched out from the dance floor into more experimental interests and created a monthly arts showcase called Spectacle in Chicago; during this period, she performed and produced experimental works with a variety of cutting edge new-media artists. Her interdisciplinary work resides at the intersection of sound, performance art, video and installation. Fascinated by the power of sound and media to affect an audience’s experience viscerally, Noble weaves together processed abstract sounds and voices with visual forms and motion.

For Art San Diego 2013, Margaret Noble will create a series of four large-scale narrative sculptures that examine loss, time and environmental hauntings through a collision of light, sound and material.


KREASHUN | Monty Montgomery & Jason Feather

“KREASHUN” is a collaboration of two distinctly different Artist’s, Monty Montgomery and JFeather. **KREASHUN** is ALIVE… After over 12 years as an idea in a sketchbook, the right situation has found it’s way into the path… Monty Montgomery and Jason Feather (JFeather) bumped into each other about 3 years ago in San Diego, Ca.  After working on various projects and exhibits with or around each other, the fellas began to come up with ideas on merging into a TEAM! It started out with an exhibit at the THREAD show in San Diego, Ca. and has already spread through more exhibits and massive “LIVE” murals in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas with plans on starting to move into NYC and through the USA, eventually creating all over the GLOBE!  J Feather and Monty Montgomery team up to create dreamlike murals that allow the viewer to enjoy the ride. From “LIVE” mural displays for special events to product creation, “KREASHUN” attacks every project with the common goal of creating something like no other.

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