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Curated by: Gabriel Martínez (Sa arquitectos)

CORE [CO(NDITIONS) RE(CYCLED)] is an in situ project created by Mexican Architects and Designers specially commissioned for Art San Diego 2013. CORE is constituted by the productive dialogue between the life and work of Héctor Esrawe; Alejandro Tapia (Manada); and Sebastián Beltrán (Natural Urbano).

CORE´s main intention aims to examine the way we apprehend the world through our senses and how do we comprehend our sensations; interrogating the way we understand and represent that which is close to us; asking how do we live the spaces we inhabit; and how do we make use of (or ignore) this spatial knowledge phenomenologically acquired.

During ASD_13, in a 288 sq. ft. booth, CORE will physically dwell in the exploration of those essential questions man wonders about his own self, his body, and its relations to the exterior world. A joint venture between Design and Architecture that will attend to raw materials and existing products subjected to a total or partial transformation cycle, in the process of evolving into a new designed materiality that [core]lates with others by expressing and enticing a sensible human shared experience.

Héctor Esrawe. Mexico City, MX
Represented by Esrawe Studio

Esrawe Studio is a design workshop aimed to develop concepts of furniture, product and interior design, which has been recognized nationally and internationally. The company is composed of an experienced group of designers and architects who through a method based on listening, analysis and exploration, develop creative and pioneering ideas that allow our customers access to harmonious and unique life experiences. Esrawe is one of the main designers at Pirwi, one of the most important companies of contemporary furniture design in Mexico.

Alejandro Tapia. Mexico City, MX
Represented by manadaº

manadaº is an architectural studio dedicated to confrontation and expansion of architectural boundaries. Manadaº has been awarded with the Interior Innovation Award 2012 by the German Design Council at the imm Cologne. Manadaº received this prestigious award for their design of the Bed 42, along with the Interior Innovation Award Winners 2012 Patricia Urquiola, Konstantin Grcic, and Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, among others.

Sebastián Beltrán. Mexico City, MX
Sebastián Beltrán

Thinking of art and design as parallel worlds, Sebastián Beltrán was trained as a visual artist, mainly as a sculptor, and at the same time he got involved in three-dimensional design projects, fusing them. “Natural Urbano,” begun in 2007, is a project aimed at utilitarian objects and art-objects, where the key is experimenting from a symbolic and functional viewpoint.

His work has received diverse forms of recognition, such as the Acquisition Prize at the Northwest Sculpture Biennial, Selection 15th Visual Biennial of Baja California, Honorable Mention at the 13th Visual Biennial of Baja California, and first prize in sculpture with Creature 2005, a concrete and metal work, at the 6th University Biennial in Baja California, among others.



Paul Basile. San Diego, CA
Represented by Basile Studio

Paul Basile

Basile and team are responsible for numerous Orchid-awarded projects in San Diego including Car2Go (2012), Craft & Commerce (2011 Grand Orchid), Banker’s Hill (2011) and The Guild (2007); and others including Polite Provisions, Soda & Swine, Underbelly and Big Front Door; and custom seating, tables, signage and more.

Curtis Micklish. San Diego, CA
Represented by Micklish

Curtis Micklish

Founded in 2011 by Curtis Micklish, micklish is a design and build studio based in San Diego, California. We are dedicated to designing functional objects that simplify life while maintaining an experimental approach where new ideas can emerge. Our collection includes a few unique pieces for the home.

Represented by oo-d-a studio

Dominique Houriet

[oo-d-a] studio was founded in 2008 by Artist, Designer and Builder Dominique Houriet. Dominique was born in the Texas hill country in 1975, where he graduated high school and attended Texas Tech University receiving his Master of Architecture degree. Shortly after graduating, Dominique moved to the San Diego area and has been practicing architecture, construction and furniture design. His works have been featured in The New York Times, the Museum of Contemporary Arts, Riviera, Dwell, ArchDaily and others. In this exhibit Dominique will produce a new lineage of chairs fabricated from raw mild steel materials mixed with natural fibers and wood.

Robert Nobel. San Diego, CA, US

ECOR a product of Nobel Environmental Technologies

Robert Noble

Robert Noble, AIA, LEED, is an architect, environmental designer, industrial designer, and environmental technology entrepreneur. Beginning early in his career, Noble dedicated himself to “mission founded” enterprises. He forged a convergence of environmentally committed professional design and sustainable product and manufacturing technologies within the building industry and other international markets.

He has been the recipient of numerous awards for his industrial and architectural designs, as well as his green technology innovations including: Entrepreneur Magazine’s Environmental Innovator of the Year, the Edison Award for Environmental Achievement, “Best of What’s New” – Popular Science 100 Best of 1993, Popular Mechanics “Top Ten for Driving Green”, InterPV Magazine’s Top 10 PV Picks for 2010, MIT Forum, 2013 SNAPPY Product Award, San Diego CONNECT and many others.

Marcus Papay. San Diego, CA, US

Represented by Marcus Papay Design

Marcus Papay

Marcus Papay is a Southern California designer and artist working out of a studio shop in Encinitas. Marcus creates unique works that reflect the culture and style of modern day costal California. After receiving a Masters of Fine Arts degree in 2010 from SDSU he began to develop his individual style that embraced traditional design and the hand-made, expressed through a modern object.

The Marcus Papay Design Studio is busy working on the Sinuous line, a lighting fixture line born in 2011, that embodies design influences from iconic tripod forms and the aesthetics of current modern design. The Sinuous line has been featured in Dwell on Design, San Diego Home and Garden Magazine, Handful of Salt, Modernism week in Palm Springs, American Craft Magazine and publications with interests in the intersection of craft and design. Keep an eye out for the soon to be released LED versions of the Sinuous lamps.

“What sets these lamps apart from typical products today is identity. Each hand-spun shade is as unique as a finger print.” – Marcus Papay

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