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“SUMMER’S NOT OVER” | Alexander Jarman | San Diego Museum of Art in partnership with Double Break Gallery | ARTSD 2012

Art Labs feature special curated projects by several leading San Diego-based art institutions, alternative spaces, and universities within the fair. Art Labs showcase the thriving art landscape of San Diego.

Art Lab 01: Museum of Photographic Arts & Kevin Cooley
Curated / Produced by: Chantel Paul
Artist: Kevin Cooley

Photographer and video artist, Kevin Cooley‘s newest work, Hayabusa Reentry (2013) is a five channel video piece focusing on the dramatic reentry into the earth’s atmosphere by an unmanned Japanese space probe. The piece continues Cooley’s exploration of our complex relationship to the natural world, in this instance, outer space. Reworked NASA video footage cascades across the screens of five recovered, black and white CRT televisions, emulating the Hayabusa’s downward trajectory as it plunges towards earth. This image is an artist rendering of the installation.

Art Lab 02: Oceanside Museum of Art & Becky Guttin
Curated by: Becky Guttin
Artists: Becky Guttin

Marking the first exhibition of its kind at OMA, We Can Work It Out transformed the lobby of the Oceanside Museum of Art with a site-specific installation that invited visitors into OMA’s vibrant culture through the lens of Becky Guttin’s colorful personal, cultural and familial constructions of home. Guttin will recreate that exhibition at the entrance for at ART SAN DIEGO 2013.

Inspired by memories of her childhood growing up in Mexico City, Becky Guttin works with cultural symbols that allow her to explore her interest in the contradictions of life, and the cultural conflict she struggles with every day. Playing around with the idiom mi casa es su casa which translates into English as “my house is your house,” Guttin more accurately states mi casa es mi casa in her bold carpet, commenting on the truth that a person’s home is a private sphere of comfort and intimacy that could never belong to anyone else. This dominant concept of the home, seen throughout Guttin’s work, is mirrored by the small metal painted houses near the entrance that meditate on the innate human need to construct a home and find belonging in community.

Art Lab 03: Debby & Larry Kline
From the Minds of The Klines
Artistic events by Debby & Larry Kline / 2013 San Diego Art Prize Awardees
Curated by: Debby & Larry Kline
Artists: Debby & Larry Kline

1:00 – 2:00 pm / Center Lounge
Visitors are invited to play “The Game at Hand,” a hand-made chess set and a poignant commentary on US involvement in the Middle East. At a distance, this piece appears to be simply a beautifully hand-made chess set. Closer inspection, however, reveals the futility of this game. As viewers are encouraged to play, it becomes clear that this game cannot be conducted fairly even with conscientious intentions. This set has toured the nation and was featured at the US Chess Championships.

5:00 – 6:00 pm / Meet in Center Lounge
Come along with “Roving Docents” Debby and Larry Kline for a tour of the  galleries exhibiting at Art San Diego. The Klines will lead an impromptu discussion of selected works. Wear your walking shoes.

1:00 – 2:00 pm / Center Lounge
In this performance piece, The Klines will have lunch in the Center Lounge. The public can enjoy and join in the creative process as they create art from the detritus at the table. Watch as napkins, straws, toothpicks and other bits of flotsam are transformed into a sculpture. “My Dinner with The Klines,” the book and DVD set created from the series, will also be on view along with short videos created while dining.  The final work will be photographed for possible inclusion in the next volume of “My Dinner with the Klines.”

5:00 – 6:00 pm / Meet in Center Lounge
Come along with “Roving Docents” Debby and Larry Kline for a tour of the galleries exhibiting at Art San Diego. The Klines will lead an impromptu discussion of selected works. Wear your walking shoes.

1:00 – 2:00 pm / Center Lounge
The Klines experiment with a cool new bit of technology that allows artists to create 3 dimensional hand drawings. Discover the remarkable possibilities with them and get a feel for the true studio experience as The Klines play with this innovative tool. The 3Doodler™ was recently brought to market through a Kickstarter.com campaign (the Klines are independent artists and have no direct affiliation with 3Doodler™ Company).



Art Lab 04: MAKER SD
Curated by: Ann Berchtold
Artists: Paul Basile, Dominique Houriet, Curtis Micklish, Bob Noble, Matt Forderer, Marcus Papay

An exhibition that explores the intersection between art and design. This exhibition will bring together several artist / designers who are creating livable works of art.

Art Lab 05: San Diego Mesa College Art Department
Your Arte Here
Curated by: Museum Studies Advanced Class
Artists: Selection of students and faculty

San Diego Mesa College presents Your Arte Here, a collaborative exhibition which focuses on the contrast between high and low, the progression from classroom exploration to professional practice, and the challenge of transcending boundaries and identities in a border region. After accepting proposals from both faculty and students, a selection of work will be juried, curated, and installed by the Museum Studies Advanced Class. The work presented will range from two-dimensional, sculpture, performance, and installation art.

Art Lab 06: San Diego Museum of Art
Curated by: Alexander Jarman
Artist: Farrah Emami

The San Diego Museum of Art is pleased to present the latest iteration of Farrah Emami’s conceptual work The Gift Shop. A previous version of this piece was presented earlier this year at the Museum as part of the Summer Break contemporary art festival. After finding herself working in not one but two museum gift shops at the same time, Emami found herself thinking about the relationship between a museum’s collection and what art it found sellable in its store- what an institution could monetize besides admission, and how they might turn pieces on the walls into register-side impulse items. For the Art San Diego Contemporary Art Fair, Emami will be designing a new version of her work that explores, celebrates, and/or critiques the dynamics of art fairs.

Farrah Emami was born and raised in San Diego, CA. She graduated in 2011 from the University of California San Diego, where she received two Bachelor degrees in Art History/Theory/Criticism and Visual Art. Her practice typically centers around video, installation, and performance.

Art Lab 07: The New School of Architecture & ECOR® Noble Technologies
Curated by: Alpha Rho Chi & ECOR® Noble Technologies
Artists: Alpha Rho Chi & ECOR® Noble Technologies

Designers from Noble Environmental Technologies as well as students from the Numisius Colony of Alpha Rho Chi professional fraternity at NewSchool of Architecture and Design are working together to design the center lounge at Art San Diego 2013. This collaboration offers an excellent opportunity to disregard the traditional attempts at cooperation in design and embrace the inherent differences between the designers to affect the Art San Diego 2013 theme of collision. This impact of ideas will result in a tangible and interactive pixilation for the center lounge of the fair to result in a pulse of activity, promoting movement and further opportunities to collide.

Art Lab 08: Charles Koll Jewelers & David Armstrong
The Art of Fine Custom Jewelry
Artists: Charles Koll Jewelers & David Armstrong

David Armstrong explores ART San Diego’s 2013 theme “collision”. What do you get when a CAD jewelry designer brings his goldsmith and machines to an art show? A cooking show style format where precious metals and gemstones “collide” with Live design and exceptional craftsmanship. Working in collaboration with the designers at CHARLES KOLL jewellers, San Diego’s original fine jewelry custom design house, you will see each step of the custom jewelry process in action throughout the show. Come see the progression of a collision inspired piece of jewelry.

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