2012 RECAP


Carol Colletta, Tom Murphy and Governor John Hickenlooper | ULI Powering Innovative Economies | Conference | Hilton Bayfront

Once again the Forum is embedded into the ART SAN DIEGO weekend to demonstrate the power of a culturally rich environment to feed not just the soul but to also drive the local economy.

Cities are in training to compete in the most important race of the 21st Century: the race for talent. Numerous studies have confirmed that cities that can attract, retain, and develop highly educated and creative young people will prosper. Business leaders know that this global competition for the best and the brightest is equally true for their own companies. So the question is: What are the qualities of place and culture that are so highly prized by this cohort, and what can cities and businesses do to attract and retain this essential element to future prosperity?

In order to respond to this challenge, The Urban Land Institute (ULI) and the Aspen Institute are partnering to host the Global Forum on the Culture of Innovation: Growing More Ideas per Square Foot. This invitation-only event brings together prominent thinkers and practitioners in the fields of land development, urban planning, energy policy, arts, culture, public policy, philanthropy, business, and education. We will explore inspiring examples including the Pixar Headquarters, South of Market in San Francisco, Austin, and 22@Barcelona in order to gain insight into how to combine talent, culture and place to nurture creativity and produce exceptional results.

This important conversation is paired, once again, with the annual ART SAN DIEGO Contemporary Art Fair because one clear result from numerous studies is that cultural and artistic vibrancy is a key attractor to young, highly-educated creatives. The Fair has begun to alter San Diego’s DNA in away that is palpable and exciting, and this year will be the best example yet of the amazing diversity of our local arts scene. Fittingly, the two events – the Forum and the Art Fair – connect at the VIP opening of the Fair as the participants in the Forum experience first hand how the city known for sun and surf has become so much more.

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