2012 RECAP


K. Clark, E. Grenader, H. Spriggs | “A Fair Sign” | Acrylic on Birch | 14.75 x 13″

Art Labs feature special curated projects by 9 leading San Diego-based art institutions, alternative spaces, and universities within the fair. Art Labs showcase the thriving art landscape of San Diego. 2012 ArtLabs include: SDMA, MCASD, Objects USA, Boomerang for Modern, Woodbury School of Architecture, SDSU Contemporary Furniture Design Program, UCSD VisARTS, Point Loma Nazarene Department of Art & Design, Mingei International Museum.

Art Lab 01: UCSD Visual Arts Department
Curated / Produced by: Kate Clark, Emily Grenader, Hermione Spriggs
Artists: Kate Clark, Emily Grenader, Hermione Spriggs

FAIR IS FAIR is a site-specific cross-disciplinary project curated and produced by Kate Clark, Emily Grenader, and Hermione Spriggs, current Master of Fine Arts candidates at UC San Diego. Blending installation, photography, and performance, the project lies in the exploration of tangential strings that form points of connection between the 1915 California-Panama Exposition and the 2012 ART SAN DIEGO Contemporary Art Fair.

Visitors are invited to participate in a live photo booth scene of San Diego’s past and present, observe quintessential regional historic moments re-performed, and peruse the wares of the Museum Store of Authentic Contemporary Artifact. Overlapping and tickling the present’s past and future, FAIR IS FAIR becomes a transportation device that muddles time, embraces redundant models, and reveals new meanings to the event genre, finding in the journey a new space of honest exchange.

Art Lab 02: Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego
Curated by: MCASD, Brooks Hudson Thomas, Blaire Dessent
Artists: Dino Sanchez, Orange and Park, Tanya Aguiniga, Carla Aguiniga, Welcome Projects, Von Tundra, Scout Regalia

Dino Sánchez | Hand-crafted birch plywood lamps | Photo by: Dino Sánchez

Product Porch is a unique pop-up shop at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego’s downtown location. A collaboration between MCASD and successful design retailers Brooks Hudson Thomas and Blaire Dessent, Product Porch is a destination for new design and creative retail in San Diego. The store offers accessories, functional objects, limited-edition prints, and furniture made by a new generation of creative talents and emerging talent from all over the world.

Art Lab 03: Objects USA
Maximum SD Vintage
Curated by: Dave Hampton
Artists: Fred Holle, James Hubbell, Robert Matheny, Sheldon Kirby

James Hubbell | “Untitled” | 1961 | Carved and painted avocado, copper, nails, shells | 29 x 12 x 14″

For ART SAN DIEGO 2012, Objects USA will present Maximum SD Vintage, a collection of works made exclusively by local painters and sculptors during the 50s and 60s. While focused on a select group of artists, such as Fred Holle, James Hubbell, Sheldon Kirby, Bob Matheny and Russell Baldwin, Maximum SD Vintage still features a diverse range of works that includes abstract expressionist paintings, hard edge constructions, and sculpture in wrought iron, wood and bronze – all of it local, all of it vintage. Curated by Dave Hampton, Maximum SD Vintage is designed to acquaint collectors with local art history by illuminating some of its most dynamic participants in a relaxed, modern setting, made complete by the furniture of Charles Eames.

Art Lab 04: Boomerang for Modern
Vintage-modern Furnishings & Art
Artists: Charles and Ray Eames, Yngve Ekstrom, Marcello Fantoni, Florence Knoll, George Nelson, Malcolm Leland, Walter Von Nessen, Eero Saarinen, Hans Wegner, Kay Whitcomb

George Nelson | “Platform Bench” | 1946 | Charles & Ray Eames | “Folding Screen and LCW Chair” | 1946 | LaGardo Tacket |
“IN-1 Ceramic Vessel” | 1948 | Photo by David Skelley

Since 1985 Boomerang’s friendly atmosphere and home-like settings have been the benchmark of classic-modern design in San Diego. Three floors of carefully and personally chosen top quality furnishings, accessories and art. Most are vintage 1940’s-1970’s from local estates and some are new from their original makers. Whether you are a collector or just seeking to mix unique pieces with your own personal style, we have something for you!

Art Lab 05: San Diego Museum of Art in partnership with Double Break Gallery
Artists: Jamilah Abdul-Sabur, Noah Doely and more!

Noah Doely | From the series “A Natural History” (diptych) | 2010

The San Diego Museum of Art is proud to partner with Double Break, a gallery and shop located right next to San Diego’s Balboa Park, to curate a display of works by regional emerging artists. The exhibit will include many artists from the Museum’s Summer Salon Series, an annual program of contemporary art and culture, featuring installations, screenings, and talks. This year, the Series featured important, celebrated artists such as The Yes Men, Pierre Bismuth, Rina Banerjee, Andrew Dinwiddie, Steve Lambert, and Yinka Shonibare, MBE, along with exciting, emerging artists from across the country.

Art Lab 06: Mingei International Museum
Iconic American Craftsmen
Artists: Chihuly & Nakashima

Mira Nakashima | “Music Stand” | 2001 | Designed by George Nakashima, 1971 | Rosewood and myrtle burl | 41.5 x 27.5 x 18.875”

Mingei International Museum’s exhibition will highlight its significant collection of furniture by George Nakashima and blown glass sculptures by Dale Chihuly. The George Nakashima Studio in New Hope, Pennsylvania, under the leadership of architect Mira Nakashima Yarnall, continues the tradition of innovative excellence in furniture design and fabrication begun by her father in the mid-twentieth century. Dale Chihuly, who developed a renowned and respected European-style studio team tradition in Seattle, has become one of the most prolific and well-known glass blower of his generation.

Mingei International Museum, founded in 1978, is dedicated to furthering understanding of art of the people (mingei) from all eras and cultures of the world. Its collection of folk art, craft and design from 141 countries numbers 21,000 art objects from 3,500 B.C.E to the present day.

Art Lab 07: Point Loma Nazarene University’s Department of Art & Design
Curated by: David Adey, Lael Corbin, Jim Skalman
Artists: David Adey , Dia Basset, Melissa Beck, Austin Beneteau, Wes Bruce, Michael Clause, Lael Corbin, Michael Eastman, Patrick Gilbert, Melissa Gordon, Cara Heslip, Cora Lim, Matthew Mahoney, Jenna Morrow, Drew Oslovar, Eric Plambeck, Lindsay Preston, Andy Ralph, Aren Skalman, Jim Skalman, John Zappas

Austin Beneteau | “Untitled” | 2012 | Burnt Basswood | 18 x 12 x 14”

Sculpture is an invitational exhibition representing two decades of alumni of Point Loma Nazarene University’s Department of Art and Design. The artists brought together for this exhibition are working with varied materials and methods, but all were outstanding students in the sculpture program while at PLNU. They all have gone on to receive Masters of Fine Arts degrees, are current candidates, or have been recognized for their work with an award, honor or exhibition from a major institution. The exhibition is being curated by David Adey, Lael Corbin and Jim Skalman, professors of Art at PLNU. Selections from the group will be chosen for representation at the 2012 ART SAN DIEGO Contemporary Art Fair. All of the artists will then participate in a month long exhibition in Keller Gallery at Point Loma Nazarene University.

Art Lab 08: SDSU Furniture Design & Woodworking Program
Material Matters
Curated by: Matt Hebert, Wendy Maruyama
Artists: Vivian Beer, Erin Dace Behling, Jon Bonser, Forest Dickey, Reuben Foat, Matthew Hebert, Justin Kramer, Vince Robles, Ramón Zárate

L–R: Vivian Beer | “Raindrop Stool” (detail) | Reuben Foat | “Conversation Cabinet” (detail) | Erin Dace Behling | “CMU Table” (detail)

Material Matters presents the work of nine makers involved in both the conception and manufacture of provocative objects. The range of work, completed in a breadth of materials, explores the inextricable nature of the design and making process. In each work, the nature of the materials used directly informs the finished form in such a way that to make the piece in any other material would undermine its power. All artists included in Material Matters have an affiliation with San Diego State University’s Furniture Design and Woodworking Program, which has a proud history of valuing innovative design, rigorous craft, and artistic expression.

Art Lab 09: Woodbury School of Architecture
Optional Features
Artists: Chris Puzio, Miki Iwasaki, Phillipp Bosshart

Christopher Puzio | “Star Cluster / Cell Cluster” | 2011 | 
Aluminum & stainless steel | 13 x 6 x 6′ | Photo: Gary Conaughton

The exhibition Optional Features brings together a collection of works that explore the process of making as an unfolding series of options and creative opportunities engaged by the designer. Traveling beyond stock typologies of sculpture and object design, the work in Optional Features explores the realm of possibilities through an individual study of material, process and technology. These projects combine to offer an experience of work that is occurring right here and now.

Physically encountered in real space and real time, each work reinforces the primacy of ‘making’ the constructed object as both a material and cultural feature. This show hopes to sound the increasingly blurred definitions of sculpture, furniture and installation at a time when the critical value of objects is under progressive scrutiny. As part of its push beyond the disciplines of art and design, Optional Features implies connections between work in all mediums and creative disciplines, and reinforces the importance of how the practices featured here can influence our understanding of the built environment.

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