2011 RECAP


Giancarlo Ruiz | Short Film 09. “Illuztration” | Featuring Tijuana based artist Charles Glaubitz | ART SAN DIEGO 2011

IN/TO CREATING features a selection of Short Films (10 minutes or less) that focus on the creative process in visual arts, music, literature, drama, dance, etc. Films that talk ABOUT the artistic process; as well as films that work INSIDE it–short films that are in themselves works of art.

IN/TO CREATING wishes to capture the vitality of the art scene in both sides of the US/MX border, exploring a new way of establishing fruitful relations between the artistic community in the region with local and international museums, galleries, curators, collectors, and art enthusiasts visiting ASD11. – Marcela Quiroz, Curatorial Director | ART SAN DIEGO 2011

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Short Film 01
Rodarte: States of Matter
By: Felipe Lima
More info

Short Film 02
Mark Bradford
By: Felipe Lima
More info

Short Film 03
The Hour of the Star
By: Tania Candiani
More info

Short Film 04
A Film About A Fort
By: Bryan Bangerter
More info

Short Film 05
John Henry installation
By: David Adey
More info

Short Film 06
Voz Alta Promo
By: Carlos Beltran and Katherine Sweetman
More info

Short Film 07
Wore it Deep
By: Destin Daniel Cretton
More info

Short Film 08
By: Mauricio Chernovetzky
More info

Short Film 09
By: Giancarlo Ruiz
More info

Short Film 10
The Invention of Fear, Fire and Disaster
By: Aldo Guerra
More info

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