2011 RECAP

Art Labs

Nina Preisendorfer and Brian Zimmerman | Art Lab 03. “Self titled” | Temporary Installation | ART SAN DIEGO 2011

Numerous city-wide Art Labs allowed visitors to see San Diego in a new way. “The Art Labs captured the essence of San Diego’s identity: adaptable, entrepreneurial, smart, and diverse. From highly conceptual to just plain fun, over two hundred people made art by any means necessary.” – Susan Myrland, Art Lab Curatorial Director | ART SAN DIEGO 2011

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Art Lab 01
Frame of Reference
Artists: Karen Morrison and Lisa Starace
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Art Lab 02
(In)Visible: A Human Portrait of
San Diego’s Homeless Population

Artists: Bear Guerra, Luis Guerra, Jessica Jollett, Omar Lopez, and Rebecca Rauber
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Art Lab 03
Self titled
Artists: Nina Preisendorfer and Brian Zimmerman
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ArtLab 04
Space For 2 Artists
Artists: Kim Garcia and Kevin Kao
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Art Lab 05
X.O. has the Conn
Artist: Andrew Oslovar
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ArtLab 06
San Diego Public Art
Artist: Richard Gleaves
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Art Lab 07
With These Hands
Artist: Xavier Leonard (X.L)
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ArtLab 08
Virtual Cities and Utopian Visions
Artists: Ela Boyd, Katie Farris, Ilya Kaminsky, Wendell Kling, and Joshua Tonies.
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Art Lab 09
Exploding Tattoo
Artists: Ted Meyer and Anna Stump
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ArtLab 10
Motifs, Marks & Margins
Artists: Andrew Alcasid, Enosh, and the artists of San Diego Art Link
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Art Lab 11
Building: San Diego
Artists: Stephanie Bedwell, Tony Cozano, Ingrid Hoffmeister, Julio Orozco, Savannah Sincoff, Brian Sueda, Shinpei Takeda, the faculty and students of Woodbury University, and more.
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Art Lab 12
Art(Ist) in Context II
Artists: Melinda Barnadas, Eddie Miramontes, Andrew Printer, Jessica Sledge, David White, and Tae Hwang
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Art Lab 13
Artists: David Krimmel, Todd Partridge, and Lynn Susholtz
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Art Lab 14
Adaptable Sites
Artists: Bill Daniel and the artists of The Periscope Project Cooperative (Jonathan Barth, Jason Durr, James Enos, Molly Enos, David Kim, Charles G. Miller, Keith Muller, Andrea Ngan and Jay Ojeda) with contributions by Kevin Bussett, Soeren Wegener and Jon Zuppan.
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Art Lab 15
And Forth (or until one falls)
Artist: Claire Zitzow
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Art Lab 16
Space 4 Art Cubed
Artists: Dina Apple, Kristopher Apple, Leslie Armstrong, Emily Aust, Avantika Bawa, Angelica Bell, JFRE Coad, Matt Coors, Lael Corbin, Armando de la Torre, Brian Dick, Endy, Kim Garcia, Anne Gehman, Damien Gilley, Rachel Goldman, Christine Herde, Jay Howell, Justin Hudnall, Maria Juan, Kevin Kao, Samara Kaplan, Christopher Kardambikis, Christian Kjeldsen, Wendell Kling, Ariana Lamon-Anderson, Bob Leathers, Victoria Linder, Cheryl Nickel, Yesenia Padilla, Louis Schmidt, Jason Sherry, Jessica Sledge, Gina Bolles Sorensen, Kyle Sorensen, Patrick Stewart, Marie Thibeault, Anthony Vasquez, Perry Vasquez, Chris Warr, Chris Warren, and more.
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Art Lab 17
Twins In Twain:
Agreed Invisible Tethers Between Strangers

Artists: Melinda Barnadas, Lani Bautista, Alberto Caro, Elizabeth Chaney, Angella d’Avignon, Angela Estes, Elyot Garcia, Terri Hughes-Oelrich, Tae Hwang, Raul Iduarte, David Krimmel, Toni Larios, Omar Lopez, Maxi Moraga, Gabriela Posada del Real, Vanessa Ramos, Jonathan Ruiz de la Peña, Marcos Siref, Cristina Trecha, Miguelerick Ua, and Alejandro Zacarias.
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Art Lab 18
Artists: Alexander Jarman with Savannah Jarman and Zoe Crenshaw. Discussion topics provided by The San Diego Foundation’s Our Greater San Diego Vision Initiative.
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Art Lab 19
The Traveler
Artists: Silfredo La O, T. Ford, and Bernard “Yiriba” Thomas
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Silfredo La O | Art Lab 19. “The Traveler” | Performance | ART SAN DIEGO 2011

“Presenting an Art Lab at the airport was not only about supporting the arts in San Diego, but also about being connected to the community. While the primary function of the Airport Authority is to provide air service needs to the region, our unique location weaves us right into the urban hub. Being mindful of, sensitive to, and a part of the San Diego community through the presentation of art programming humanizes the airport and provides opportunities for travelers and visitors to experience the cultural richness of where we live.” – Constance Y. White, Art Program Manager | San Diego International Airport


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Background image: Josh Tonies | ArtLab 08. “Virtual Cities and Utopian Visions” | ART SAN DIEGO 2011
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