Artist Sabrina Rupprecht Raises Awareness of Endangered Species

Earth has lost 58 percent of its vertebrate animals since 1970, according to a report by the World Wildlife Fund report, but there’s still time to save the wildlife that is left—and artist Sabrina Rupprecht is doing her part. Her wildlife art features a collection of the so-called “Big Five” African game animals: the African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and rhinoceros.

“As I personally condemn the practice of big-game hunting as cruel and abusive toward our environment, my art raises awareness of these majestic and endangered species,” Rupprecht says. “Wildlife should not be removed from its natural habitat. It should be enjoyed in the form of art on a canvas as opposed to being stuffed and mounted on a wall.”

Rupprecht was born to a Sicilian mother and German father and raised in the countryside outside of Cologne, Germany. Since early childhood, she expressed her creativity through drawing and painting. Inspired by the incomparable beauty and lifestyle of South Africa, she has been residing in the city of Cape Town since 2006.


Arte Collective’s Booth at Art San Diego

In 2008, she spent one year traveling through 11 countries in Southern and East Africa where she discovered her deep love for the continent, its many fascinating cultures, breathtaking nature, and wildlife. Her wildlife art is a vibrant and vivid reflection of her personal experiences, while her portraiture captures the spirit and emotion of each of her subjects. Her art is captivating and physically engaging, and it connects the viewer to the subject.

Art quickly became her passion, as it opened the door to a fantasy world of beauty and perfection that she could create entirely by herself to hide away from the challenging reality she was facing at the time. The more she practiced, the more beautiful this world became. Her techniques include mixed media, ranging from classical graphite and charcoal drawing to color pencils and markers to pastels, watercolor, and acrylic painting.

To see the first five artworks of Rupprecht’s collection, visit Arte Collective Booth 215 at Art San Diego.

“Pink Rhino”



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