Get Up Close and Personal with the Artistic Process at Art San Diego

At Art San Diego, not only will you see thousands of new works from contemporary artists, galleries, and art publishers from across the globe, but you will also get the rare opportunity to talk with exhibiting artists and see them create works live during Meet the Artist sessions and live demonstration events.

Here’s a look at artists you’ll meet at Art San Diego 2017.

Erin Hanson, The Erin Hanson Gallery
Meet Erin Hanson, a talented landscape painter who transforms vistas into stunning interpretations of bold color, playful rhythms, and raw emotional impact.

Yubal Marquez Fleites, Arte Collective
Don’t miss the opportunity to chat with Yubal Marquez Fleites, an international art dealer, and learn more about Arte Collective artists and their work.

James Paterson, James Paterson Fine Art
Meet James Paterson, whose approach to his art is one of a simple sense of wonder and who often incorporates moving parts with which you can play.

Michael Carini, Carini Arts
Watch as the self-proclaimed “acrylic alchemist” creates his work live, and lose yourself in the labyrinth of experiences he deploys with paint and canvas.

Anita Lewis, Art for Modern Life
Watch as Anita Lewis drags, rubs, and spreads oil paints over gold, copper, or silver leaves, adding reflective qualities in a certain light or time of day.

Michael Joseph & Barry Seidman, Artblend Gallery
These two award-winning fine art photographers will captivate you with their ingenuity, vision,  and ability to create timeless pieces of art.

Rose Tanner, Rose Tanner Fine Art
Watch as Rose Tanner, one of the Art San Diego 2017 Spotlight Artists, demonstrates her love of the outdoors in her amazing photoreal artworks.

Kate Taylor, Kate Taylor Studio
Watch as Kate Taylor, one of the Art San Diego 2017 Spotlight Artists, captures the energy in dynamic flower petals or communicates the movement of water.

Aleta Pippin, Pippin Contemporary
Learn about Aleta Pippin’s artistic venture as an artist and gallery owner—one that has grown from a faraway dream to a full-time passion.

Lori Ryerson, Focalocity
Find out how Lori Ryerson, one of the Art San Diego 2017 Spotlight Artists, tells stories through her lens and interprets them into her art.

Alfred Addo, Alfaddo Studio
Watch as Alfred Addo’s creates his art using environmentally preferred materials, transforming sawdust into sculpture and dimensional artwork.

View the full show schedule, and plan your weekend at Art San Diego.

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