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Abstract art has no barriers, no boundaries. A visual language that relies on shape, form, color, and line to convey its message, abstract art can include everything from Wassily Kandinsky’s Untitled (First Abstract Watercolor) to Henri Matisse’s The Yellow Curtain to Jackson Pollock’s Full Fathom Five.

Art San Diego attracts a wide range of innovative exhibiting artists, dealers, and publishers from across the globe. Here are three exhibitors with very different interpretations of abstract art.

Essence Arts

Much like abstract art, Essence Arts is hard to define. A company that specializes in creating high-vibrational, positive office and living environments by enhancing spaces with fine art, Essence Arts consists of a team of artists, collectors, interior designers, Feng Shui practitioners, and cultural anthropologists based in Olympia, Washington. Tom Boatright’s paintings will be on display with Essence Arts at Art San Diego.

Using luminescence and iridescence powders mixed with artisan oil paints, Boatright experiments with the raw and refined, applying paints of varying viscosity in layers, conveying the energy that he experienced while creating the work. “I paint the visions I receive—the beauty of nature and humanity,” Boatright says.  “The paints are a prism of color; the vibrations create a light spectrum.”  The effect of his modern abstract and impressionistic paintings is an experience that is both physical and psychological.

Kate Taylor Studio

Kate Taylor’s journey as an artist is has taken her from Cambridge, England, to Toronto, Ontario; from the organic lines of photography to the unexpected color combinations of painting; from the tutelage of internationally renowned artist Paterson Ewen to the private collections of abstract art lovers around the world. Known for her abstracted versions of flowers, landscape, and seascapes, Taylor works solely with a palette knife to capture color and energy in her mixed media acrylic paintings.

“My work explores the unique forms and colors of nature and how they are an integral part of our lives—bringing contentment, grounding, and joy,” Taylor says. “Capturing the energy in dynamic flower petals or communicating the movement of water, the visual is simplified to the barest elements. The unexpected color combinations create energy and vibration, again encompassing the theme of joy. Viewers are encouraged to enter the work and reflect on their current state, reconnect with the natural world around us, and move forward with positivism.”

Carini Arts 

Michael Carini is an artist with a motto: “Don’t be afraid to be different. Be afraid to be the same.” After studying under respected artists Jane Brucker and Roland Reiss, Carini developed an artistic process he calls “acrylic alchemy.” In his San Diego-based studio, he creates colorful visions that play with the senses and illuminate the human condition based on the emotions of his own life experiences. It is his hope that his visual poetry provides an opportunity for viewers to “completely lose [themselves] within these labyrinthine experiences, only to discover a new sense of self and emerge reborn.”

In addition to creating original artwork and custom reproductions, Carini, through Carini Arts, specializes in turnkey art investment services for celebrities, corporate art collections, hotels, commercial buildings, private collectors, and museums and galleries worldwide.

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