ASD17 Art Lab – Metamorphosis of the Migrant Era

José Hugo Sánchez is a border crosser. Literally, he crosses borders every time he travels from his home in Mexico to his home in the United States. Conceptually, he crosses borders in his work as a multidisciplinary artist who explores migration, identity, and the economic crisis in Europe.

At Art San Diego, Sánchez will present Metamorphosis of the Migrant Era, an Art Lab and an Art Talk that will take attendees on a journey from the Jurassic period to cyberspace, exploring the interface of migration, hybrid identities, borders, culture, globalization, and new technologies.

“I’m always interested in recreating cultural phenomena,” Sánchez says, “Always interested in human conflict, in terms of their philosophy and their aesthetics.”

To create his work, Sánchez starts in the library, researching global, cross-border migration and exploring why humans are forced to leave their countries to escape war and violence. Then, he uses different artistic mediums—performance art, monumental printmaking, sculpture, ready-mades, new media technologies—to express his ideas and feelings.

His Art Lab is made up of monumental woodcut sculptures that tell the story of cultural history, immigration, and the timeless integration of peoples and their environments.

“These sculptures are a geographical immanence of my life as an artist and citizen in both countries,” Sánchez says. “Therefore, this project is my conceptual map in which I can experiment and recreate many identities out of my memory.”

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