A Focus on Photography at Art San Diego

When you think of fine art, the first mediums that come to mind are probably paintings, sculpture, and glassworks. However, some of the world’s best abstract, contemporary, and realist photographers are making fine art photography—and Art San Diego 2017 will be featuring their collections.

[FOTO SOLO] will also be returning to Art San Diego. [FOTO SOLO] offers professional fine art photographers the opportunity to step into the spotlight and be discovered. This year’s [FOTO SOLO] photographers include Paul Brandejs, Daniel G. Bommarito of Bommarito Fine Art, and Spotlight Artist Lori Ryerson of Focalocity.

Here is a preview of some of the fine art photographers who will be exhibiting at Art San Diego.

Change to To Breathe – Vava’u, Kingdom of Tonga 2013 by Carol Brooks Parker

Carol Brooks Parker, Artblend
About 10 years ago, Carol Brooks Parker and her husband bought a bluewater sailboat, and she hasn’t stopped making photographs since. Informed by her background in classical art, including watercolor and oil painting and charcoal and pen and ink drawing, Parker uses her camera to capture images that serve as a foundation that she builds upon in what she calls her “digital darkroom,” or her desktop computer.

“It is not my intent to present a literal interpretation of the world,” Parker says. “Instead, using composition, color, and gesture, I hope to evoke the artistic essence of the subject matter that touched my imagination.”

Parker lives on a rural property near Tucson, Arizona, but she and her husband make frequent trips to the South Pacific aboard a cruising yacht. A certified advanced open water scuba diver, Parker makes photographs of exotic locales and seascapes that have a painterly quality. Her award-winning images have been represented by fine art galleries in New York and Florida and have appeared in exhibitions across the country including the San Diego Museum of Natural History and the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art.


Two Musicians by Ivonete Leite

Ivonete Leite, Arte Collective 
For many years, Ivonete Leite was known as a vice president at Citibank. Born in Brazil, Leite studied law at Universidade Cândido Mendes in Rio de Janeiro and learned English at New York University before getting jobs in multinational companies. By the time she retired from the financial world, she had worked her way to up becoming the first Brazilian woman to hold the VP title at Citibank.

Today, Leite lives in Key Biscayne, Florida, where she dedicates her time to the photography, a passion she discovered on her numerous business trips around the world. One of her most recent projects documents her travels to Cuba and shows how time has preserved the beautiful and Classical presence that characterizes the country.

“During the seven-day journey in Trinidad de Cuba and Havana, I encountered a fraction of the many daily difficulties and heard of many more from other testimonies,” Leite says. “But I also witnessed the magnetism of Cuba, not in the typical points of interest but in the strength of the Cuban people, their ability to prevail, facing insurmountable challenges, creating, and reinventing. This trip reinforced my admiration for the perseverance of the Cuban people who make their nation’s beauty endure despite the setback.”


Sound to Art Machine by Josh Rigling

Josh Rigling, Mary Sky

Josh Rigling is a conceptual artist and product designer with a background in tech consulting. To create his work, he uses everything from Photoshop and After Effects to Audacity and Hidden Hidden.

“It is very important for me to process my projects in layers,” Rigling told Electric Objects in an interview. “Under most circumstances, an image, video, or news tidbit hooks my attention first. From there, I gather materials through Google image and video search. I break down and process the material through various programs as different kinds of data. The resulting files are recombined with other media and put out in multiple versions. I select the strongest images, and only a very small percentage of my completed work gets released. The result is a final project or image set.”

An artist in residence with Mary Sky, a program founded in 2015 to organize and showcase contemporary artists working in the intersection of digital and fine art, Rigling will present selected photographs from the digital project “Cool Ascii” and a mechanical sculpture titled Sound to Art Machine. The Sound to Art Machine visualizes sound through vibrating pigment on a resonance board, and Rigling will perform the operation of his mechanical sculpture during Art San Diego.


Cozumel Sunset by Paul Brandejs

Paul Brandejs, [FOTO SOLO] Paul Brandejs has a blended background—and it comes through in his art. Born in the Czech Republic, Brandejs’ family immigrated to Canada when he was a child. He studied fine art at the Ontario College of Art and was influenced by his experiences studying under Ilda Lubane and Tom LaPierre.

Today, Brandejs blends the precision of photography with the fluidity of paint in his works. Combining a variety of techniques, he creates abstract art with acrylic and photography on sculpted canvases and is able to convey the beauty, delicacy, and power that co-exist in nature.

“I don’t aim to encumber the viewer with my ideologies, ” Brandejs says. “Rather I seek to draw them into the environment so they can make their own interpretations. They will bring their own sense of the familiar, seeing and being initially drawn to the parts to which they can most easily relate. Then they will react to something deeper—ideas, structures, or sensations that seem to have merged together seamlessly but which on closer, more intimate viewing feel more alien or unaccustomed.”







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