Up-and-coming artists and galleries to look for at ASD17

Find Your Inspiration at Art San Diego

For the past nine years, Art San Diego has attracted established and up-and-coming artists and galleries not just from Southern California but also from around the globe—and Art San Diego 2017 will be no different. Artists and galleries are traveling from as far as Spain, South Africa, Greece, and more to exhibit at the four-day contemporary art show. Here’s a look at three galleries that are coming all the way to San Diego to showcase their work.

Arte Collective

Based in Miami, Arte Collective supports and empowers international artists in all disciplines to showcase their work, from Ivonete Leite’s nostalgic photographs of Cuba to amazing original works on paper by renowned Guatemalan artist Sergio Valenzuela. Through collective collaboration, Arte Collective promotes creativity and cultural awareness.

James Paterson Fine Art

Canadian artist James Paterson makes “Prayer Machines,” unique original wire sculptures often with moving parts with which viewers are invited to play. A visual expression of Paterson’s thoughts, desires, and prayers to God, Prayer Machines are whimsical and ambiguous symbols and shapes that are meant to invite reflection, stimulate ideas, and spark the imagination.

Renssen Art Gallery

Located in the heart of Amsterdam’s Art District sits Renssen Art Gallery. Featuring paintings, sculpture, and lithographs by Dutch artist Erik Renssen alongside a collection of high-quality lithographs, etchings, and pochoirs by Pablo Picasso, Renssen Art Gallery represents the perfect fusion of contemporary and fine art.

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