Three Local Galleries Feature Artists Inspired by Nature

Throughout history, nature has been a source of inspiration for artists, from hyper-realistic portrayals of the American landscape and wilderness to abstract contemplations of natural phenomena and natural forms. Art San Diego attracts an international slate of artists who are inspired by everything from music to ancient art to technology. Here are three exhibitors whose work is inspired by the great outdoors.

Fine Art Maya
Based in San Diego, Fine Art Maya Fine Art Gallery represents a roster of established and emerging artists. The gallery takes its name from the Roman interpretation of the word “Maya,” the incarnation of the earth mother and goddess of spring (think the month of May). Fine Art Maya’s artists create works that appreciate the beauty and grandeur of nature.

At Art San Diego, attendees will view the work of nature enthusiast Manss Aval. Known for his minimalist and serene photography and abstract expressionist paintings, Aval is inspired by nature’s patterns and textures, which can be seen in his works’ energetic shapes, earth tones, and unique intersection of arts and science.

The Erin Hanson Gallery
A step inside the Erin Hanson Gallery in San Diego is like a rock climbing expedition in a national park, a walk through a field of lush wildflowers, or a meditation on boulders scattered by the ocean. A lifelong painter, Erin Hanson began her study of oils as a young child. Today, she is recognized by her unique painting style known as Open Impressionism. Cited as a driving force driving the rebirth of contemporary impressionism, Hanson is bringing her playful and raw landscapes in oil to Art San Diego 2017.

National Gallery of Fine Art

The National Gallery of Fine Art, based in Temecula, California, works with emerging and internationally recognized artists, including Jami Tobey, Jill Holland, and Santiago Garcia, who will be featured at Art San Diego.

Jami Tobey uses sweeping brush strokes and bold swaths of color to bring nature to life in her paintings. Born in Oregon, Tobey creates everything from bewitching trees to swirling clouds to mystical landscapes.

Nationally emerging artist Jill Holland’s work is all about her connection to nature and the landscape. The Fredericksburg, Texas, painter typically depicts landscapes in abstract form and gains inspiration from scripture.

The work of Uruguayan artist Santiago Garcia includes absurd situations within a framework of the everyday world, such as his “Ambiguismos” series, which features a painting of a zebra standing in a red claw foot tub.

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