Sarah Stieber’s Rainbow Ribbon Magic

Sarah Stieber grew up in sun-soaked San Diego. Inspired by shiny, sparkly, and shimmery images from her youth, her artistic talent blossomed at a young age. While studying at Boston University, Stieber explored color theory, oil technique, and dramatic subject matter. After graduating with a degree in painting, she spent time living and painting in Venice and Florence, Italy.

Today, back in her San Diego studio, Stieber calls on the work of the fine art masters while injecting her own “wishful seeing” to paint in a style she calls “electric realism.” In huge, brightly colored paintings and immersive installations, the contemporary artist explores the dichotomy between real and fake, synthetic and natural.

At Art San Diego 2017, attendees will be able to experience Stieber’s amplification of real life in her captivating new “Rainbow Ribbon Magic” series. The Art Lab, informed by the show’s curatorial theme [FUSION], reflects the colorful, energetic, and vibrant culture of Southern California and creates a magnificent entrance to Art San Diego.

“My work is responding to really deep, personal human experience,” Stieber says.

Art Lab: Rainbow Ribbon Magic will include a contemporary art exhibition featuring a collection of paintings of inspiring female creatives, two large-scale art installations, and a performance by professional dancer Adelaide Marcus, who is painted in several of Stieber’s works.

The intention behind the series, Stieber says, is to create “a visual language that spans artistic mediums in the service of sisterhood and creative empowerment.”

Stieber’s work ranges from her “Doll” series, which features playful, bejeweled fashionistas, to her more personal “Water” series, which features characters experiencing moments of mindfulness.

Stieber created the centerpiece paintings for Courtyard Marriott San Diego and Springhill Suites by Marriott in Oceanside, and she won a public art competition through Coachella Music and Art Festival. Her artwork was also featured at Red Dot Miami in 2016 and Spectrum Miami in 2014, and the Rainbow Ribbon Magic installations will also be showcased at Spectrum Miami 2017.

“Rainbow Ribbon Magic” premieres with the dance performance Sept. 28 at the Art San Diego Opening Night Preview Party.

“This performance will break the barrier between the artwork and reality, physically welcoming visitors of Art San Diego into the world of Rainbow Ribbon Magic,” Stieber says.

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Open Heart by Sarah Stieber






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