A Successful 8th Year at Art San Diego

The 8th annual Art San Diego wrapped just one short month ago! The well-attended show featured nearly 80 exhibitors from around the globe, and garnered a crowd of 5,000 art collectors and art lovers for its Opening Night Preview Party. Here are some wonderful testimonials from this year’s show to check out. Now let’s take a look at some of the top sales, award winners and show highlights of this exceptional event!

Show Programming Highlights 

Art San Diego 2016’s curatorial theme, which informed the show’s special programming, was [THRESHOLD]: Standing at the precipice of what’s yet to come. Perched on the brink of something extraordinary, expansive, and ever evolving.

This year’s programs offered audiences thought-provoking works as well as interactive opportunities. Three Art Labs—the immigration-focused and politically charged Open Walls Project, the haunting multimedia presentation Heroic Procession, and the Cabina Exuro geodesic dome recording booth—captured attendees’ attention each day at the show, as did the works of this year’s San Diego Art Prize winners, Shinpei Takeda and William Feeney. Showgoers also got a look at the work of this year’s LaunchPad Artist, Stefani Byrd, and Spotlight Artists, Jeremy Sicile-Kira, Erin Hanson, and Michael Carini.

Award Winners

Each year, awards are given out to honor specific exhibitors for their work and presentation. Congratulations to these winners for 2016!

  • Best International Exhibitor: Galerie Supper
  • Best Sculpture: La Perfection Louis
  • Director’s Choice Awards: James Paterson and JP Greenwood
  • Best New Exhibitor: Erin Hanson
  • Best Booth Design: Avran Fine Art

Sales Highlights

Many of ASD’s exhibitors found great success in showing at Balboa Park this fall to over 14,000 attendees, making sales, getting commissions, and establishing relationships with new clients. Here’s a taste of some of this year’s top sales:

  • James Paterson sold 14 pieces total, ranging in price from $450–$6,000
  • Avran Fine Art sold “Seen Throughout” by James Leonard for $20,000 and “Petals,” a glass sculpture by Laszlo Lukacsi, for $50,000
  • FH Fine Art sold 2 original Salvador Dali lithographs: “The Fashion Designer” for $7,750 and “Love is Like a Gypsy” for $3,295
  • Siri Hollander sold one of her stunning equine sculptures, “Cinco,” for $12,500
  • La Perfection Louis sold 2 sculptures: “Odin” at $11,500 and “These” at $10,500
  • Blue Azul Collection sold 2 Victoria Estacio Huckins works at $1,900 and $4200
  • Spotlight Artist Erin Hanson sold “Sunflowers in Orange” for $6,000
  • Spotlight Artist Jeremy Sicile-Kira sold 4 “My Future Girlfriend” LE prints for $950 each and 3 works at $250 each
  • Dellorco Fine Art sold “Hope,” a 30×24 oil on canvas, for $6,500; 2 fine art photos at $400 each; and a “Reflections” limited edition for $1,800
  • Defective Barbie sold “Love is Blind” for $1,600 and a “War Paint” print for $160
  • Artist Renown International sold their “Wine” diptych for $1,000
  • Alexander Salazar sold 4 lollipop sculptures at $850 each
  • Arte Collective sold 3 Valenz pieces: “Escenario Ludico” for $2,500, “Intimo” for $2,500, and “Espacious para habliar” for $2,500
  • Alex Dikowski sold over 50 mixed media pieces
  • Julie Schumer sold “Two Figure Study No. 11” for $3,300
  • Nancy Holly sold “Little One” limited edition for $3,200
  • Other sales included: ForeFront Art, Broni Likomanov, Musings Fine Art, Carini Fine Art, Larry Graeber, Cecilia Anastos

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors for their generosity, and to everyone who attended the show. Our success was because of you! Until next year, make sure to follow Art San Diego on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all the latest news, updates, and behind-the-scenes shots.

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