ASD16 Exhibitor List

2016 Exhibitors

Take a look at 2016’s lineup of exhibiting artists!  (We’re adding new galleries and artists every day). Last year’s show featured a wide range of innovative exhibiting artists, dealers and publishers from across the globe. You can expect an even bigger and better show this year.

Exhibitor NameBooth NumberCityCountryWebsite
Aaron Chang226Solana BeachUnited
Alex Dikowski Gallery222San DiegoUnited
Alex Taymer723Salt Lake CityUnited
Alexander & Victor Fine Art413CarriereUnited
Alexander Salazar Fine Art602, UBS LOUNGESan DiegoUnited
Amerikan Skull by Natasa Burnett423-ELa JollaUnited
Anita Lewis510OceansideUnited
Artists Renown International705 & 709MesquiteUnited
Avran Fine Art113Laguna BeachUnited
Broni Likomanov & Silvana Gallery118Studio CityUnited
Carini Arts415, DW-1, DW-2San DiegoUnited States
Casa Valencia Galeria426San DiegoUnited
Cecilia Anastos423-ASan DiegoUnited
Charles Koll Jewellers102San DiegoUnited
Cokee524-ALas VegasUnited
D.Taylor Fine Art406WhitefishUnited States
Debbie Arambula622Morgan HillUnited
Debby and Larry Kline400EscondidoUnited
Dellorco Fine Art227Westlake VillageUnited
DK Art Publishing IncREG-1, REG-2Los AngelesUnited
Empress Contemporary100San DiegoUnited
Erin Hanson200Los AngelosUnited
Eyevan Tumbleweed505FremontUnited States
F/H Collection Fine Art402San DiegoUnited
Fine Art Maya126, SC-11, SC-2San DiegoUnited
ForeFront Art
Gryphon Fabricators524-DNew YorkUnited
InArt Gallery Santa Fe301Santa FeUnited
Jbis Contemporary516, LoungeSchenectadyUnited
Jeremy's Vision119San DiegoUnited
JP Greenwood616San ClementeUnited
Julie Schumer420Santa FeUnited
La Perfection Louis304Beverly HillsUnited
Larry Graeber504San AntonioUnited
Lyn Hiner Studios411
San ClementeUnited
Lyssa Kayra606
Maidy MorhousSC-1ADel MarUnited
Marta Wiley Studios423-BLitchfield Park AzUnited
McNabb Martin Contemporary Art117San DiegoUnited
Michele Fine Art419Palm DesertUnited
Miguel Lee-Leon403Rancho MirageUnited
Musing's Fine Art502NovatoUnited
Najib Aschrafzai524-CCarlsbadUnited
Nancy Holly524-GLaguna BeachUnited
Nikita YoungD-SCIrvineUnited
Nina K523Aliso ViejoUnited
Paul Messink521Palm DesertUnited
Purely Zen Watercolors423-CSolana BeachUnited
Sarah Lee Gossett Parrish520Oklahoma CityUnited
Sergott Contemporary Art317, SC-2A, SC-2B, SC-3ARancho Santa FeUnited
Siri Hollander305, S-VIP Lounge, S-Center CourtSanta FeUnited
Smirnov Fine Art226CarlsbadUnited
Solstice Photography524-E, 524-FWashougalUnited
South African Art Collective109, 111Johannesburg, South-AfricaSouth Africa
Sparks Gallery321San DiegoUnited
Stefani Byrd404San DiegoUnited States
The Blue Azul Collection608San DiegoUnited
The Erin Hanson Gallery200Los AngelesUnited
Vermeeren Fine
Veru Narula405San DimasUnited
Vincent Minor Photography326new yorkUnited States
Vladimir Kolosov507Maple
World Wide Art - Artavita717Santa BarbaraUnited
Yuri Kuznetsov508IrvineUnited

  • Aaron Chang Ocean Art Gallery
    BOOTH 226
    Aaron Chang, "Champagne"
  • Alex Dikowski Gallery
    BOOTH 222
    Alex Dikowski, "Byproducts of The Social Money Machine"
  • Amerikan Skull
    BOOTH 423-E
    Natasa Burnett , "White Nude"
  • Avran Fine Art
    BOOTH 113
    James Leonard, "Autumn Leaves"
  • Broni Likomanov
    BOOTH 118
    Broni Likomanov, "Daedalus"
  • Carini Arts
    BOOTHS 415, DW-1, DW-2
    Carini Arts, "Astranomelly"
  • Casa Valencia Galería
    BOOTH 426
    Aida Valencia, "Fragmentada"
  • Cecilia Anastos
    BOOTH 423-A
    Cecilia Anastos, "Oulala!"
  • Cokee
    BOOTH 524-A
    Cokee, "Grand Canyon"
  • defectivebarbie
    BOOTH 519
    defectivebarbie, "In Case of Fire"
  • Dellorco Fine Art
    BOOTH 227
    Chris Dellorco, "Contemplation"
  • DK Art
    BOOTH REG-1, REG-2
    Tamara De Lempicka, "Femme Bleu a la Guitare"
  • Eyevan Tumbleweed
    BOOTH 505
    Eyevan Tumbleweed, "GALEPHARSTEN"
  • Fine Art Maya
    BOOTHS 126, SC-2, SC-11
    Manss Aval, "Disambiguation"
    BOOTH 624
    Andreas Lau, "N.B.J."
  • James Paterson
    BOOTH 509
    Jeffrey Bisaillon, "Tribute"
  • Jeremy's Vision
    BOOTH 119
    Jeremy Sicile-Kira, "The Movie of My Life"
    BOOTH 616
    JP GREENWOOD, "Motel"
  • Larry Graeber
    BOOTH 504
    Larry Graeber, "Gust"
  • Lyn Hiner Studios
    BOOTH 622
    Lyn Hiner, "Truth in the Darkness"
  • Lyssa Kayra
    BOOTH 604
    Lyssa Kayra, "Vancouver's Winter"
  • Marta G. Wiley Studios
    BOOTH 423-B
    Marta Wiley, "Black Pegasus"
  • Musings Fine Art
    BOOTH 502
    Cathy Locke, "Twirling"
  • Najib Aschrafzai
    BOOTH 524-C
    Najib Aschrafzai, "Death Star"
  • Olga Oreshyna
    BOOTH 620
    Olga Oreshyna, "Pinophyta"
  • Paul Messink
    BOOTH 521
    Paul Messink, "Light Rain"
  • Sarah Lee Gossett Parrish FIne Art Photography
    BOOTH 520
    Sarah Lee Gossett Parrish, "ILLUMINE"
  • Solstice Photography
    BOOTH 524-E, 524-F
    Steven McCarthy, "Heart of the Desert"
  • Sparks Gallery
    BOOTH 321
    Alexander Arshansky, "Sensitivity to Sound"
  • The Blue Azul Collection
    BOOTH 608
    Ansley Pye, "Wait for Me"
  • The Erin Hanson Gallery
    BOOTH 200
    Erin Hanson, "Saguaro Dusk"
  • Vladimir Kolosov
    BOOTH 507
    Vladimir Kolosov, "Cats and The Fox"
  • Yuri Kuznetsov
    BOOTH 508
    Yuri Kuznetsov, "Town in the Night, Making Waves, Three Fountains"

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