General Terms

Art San Diego Contemporary Art Show is a project of Redwood Media Group, LLC (RMG). These Terms and Conditions of Participation govern gallery (“Exhibitor”) participation in the Art San Diego Contemporary Art Show. RMG reserves the right, at any time, without notice, to issue additional conditions or regulations for participation in ASD or to alter ASD exhibition hours or logistical arrangements. Submission of the RMG Exhibitor Contract constitutes Exhibitor’s agreement to be bound by and acceptance of the conditions set forth below, and of any subsequent conditions made by RMG related to the Show.

Show Schedule

MondayOct. 19thShippingShipping artworks period starts.
FridayOct. 30thShippingShipping artworks period ends. Do not ship artworks to the Balboa Park Activity Center. If shipping works – ship to Craters & Freighters and the will deliver to the Balboa Park Activity Center Wednesday morning by 9am.
WednesdayNov. 4thMove In/Booth Set up10 am – 7 pm
ThursdayNov. 5thBooth Set Up8 am – 2 pm
ThursdayNov. 5thFirst Preview5 pm - 7 pm
ThursdayNov. 5thVIP Opening Night7 pm – 9 pm
FridayNov. 6thOpening Day12 pm – 8 pm
SaturdayNov. 7thShow Day II12 pm – 8 pm
SundayNov. 8thFinal Show Day12 pm – 5 pm
SundayNov. 8thMove Out5 pm – 10 pm

The Venue

Balboa Park Activity Center
2145 Park Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92101, FREE Parking

Acceptance & Exhibition Criteria

Exhibitor guarantees that all information provided by Exhibitor is accurate and complete and that all artworks submitted for exhibition are authentic. RMG reserves the right to cancel any exhibitor contract at any time on the basis of false, inaccurate or misleading information or if Exhibitor fails to comply with the terms and conditions of participation. RMG has the right to require complete details of a proposed exhibit -if applicable- and reserves the right to prohibit the exhibition of any piece at RMG discretion.

Exhibitor Package

  • 92 Booths are available.
  • Custom sizes available per sq.ft.
  • Exhibition space will cover 40,000 sq.ft. offering 10’ aisles
  • 10 ft. high white hard walls
  • Basic Lighting Package / 4 lights per 100 sq. ft. – (see Booth Design Form on page 7 in our Exhibitor Kit)
  • Extra lights, walls, furniture and flooring will be available at competitive rates
  • FREE Wi-Fi internet access
  • Volunteer gallery liaisons will be available
  • Easy load-in / load-out, ample FREE parking
  • 24-hour on-site security
  • 50 VIP Passes for Opening Night (each pass good for 2 guests)
  • Unlimited Day-Passes
  • Removal of crates & shipping materials by Craters & Freighters (materials will be collected after install and delivered back to your booth at closing)
  • (2) Chairs
  • (1) Wastebasket
  • (1) 4′ table with gray linen

Allocation of Space

Booth space for the Show will be allocated and determined by RMG Management. Reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate Exhibitor requests concerning booth space; however, RMG may, in its sole discretion, change the location of the allocated space or alter the shape of the booth if circumstances demand. RMG reserves the right to rearrange the layout of unoccupied areas, and to alter entrances and exits to and from the exhibition space, halls, cafe and aisles. Exhibitor may not display art or position tables, chairs or other furniture outside its booth. In order to maintain uniformity of the Show space, Exhibitor may not alter or paint the walls or signage without RMG’s prior approval.

Booth Sharing

No Exhibitor may share or sublet a booth either partially or entirely without written permission of RMG Management. Decisions regarding the approval of shared booths rest solely with RMG.

Conditions of Payment

Payment of the total booth rental must be made in two installments; 30% of the booth rental is due within 15 days of invoice date (issued by RMG upon receipt of signed contract from Exhibitor). The remaining balance (70%) is payable on or before June 15th, 2015. A finance charge of 1.5% monthly (18% annually) will be charged to any payments not received by the due dates published on the invoices. If the first payment is not received within 15 days of the invoice date, RMG may offer the booth to another gallery. If Exhibitor’s invoices are not paid by the due dates, or if Exhibitor’s Booth(s) costs have not been paid in full 28 days before the Show’s opening day, RMG reserves the right to impose a late charge of up to 10% of the balance due. Nonpayment of invoices will constitute a breach of the Exhibitor’s agreement with RMG and in such event RMG has the right to cancel Exhibitor’s Agreement, reallocate Exhibitor’s Booth(s) and retain all of Exhibitor’s payments made to that date with Exhibitor remaining liable for all unpaid invoices.

Withdrawal from Contract

If Exhibitor cancels this Agreement by April 15th, 2015, he/she will forfeit all deposits paid to RMG and remain liable to pay any unpaid invoices due prior to cancellation date. If Exhibitor cancels this Agreement between June 15th, 2015 and event date. He/she will remain obligated to pay the full amount of the Booth rental and all other costs which may have been incurred by RMG in connection with this Agreement. Any Exhibitor who fails to occupy his/her both by 5:00 pm on November 5th, 2015 will forfeit his/her right to occupy the space and RMG will claim full rights to that space. In such event, the Exhibitor will remain liable for the full rental and any additional costs incurred by Art San Diego.

Insurance Indemnification & Exemption From Liability

Each Exhibitor must obtain property and public liability insurance coverage for damage or loss to persons or property due to fire, theft, burglary, breakage, leakage and water damage, and the risks of transport of artwork and other materials to and from the Show. In any event, Exhibitor assumes all risk of loss related thereto. Exhibitor must provide RMG with a certificate of public liability insurance as proof of coverage no later than September 1st, 2015. Certificate must name Redwood Media Group, LLC, PO Box 360, Hinckley, OH 44233 as an additional insured under such policy. RMG will not be liable to Exhibitor for any direct, incidental or consequential damages or loss to Exhibitor and/or its property arising from or connected with Exhibitor’s participation in the Show. The provision of security at the Show does not imply an assumption of liability by RMG with respect to Exhibitor’s property.


Exhibitor will indemnify RMG, and hold harmless RMG and The Balboa Park Activity Center and each of their respective principles, agents, contractors, and employees against any and all loss, suits, claims, damages, judgments, expenses, and costs (including without limitation, legal fees and amounts paid in settlement) in connection with any claim whatsoever including, but not limited to copyright infringement claims resulting from the acts, omissions or negligence of Exhibitor, its employees, agents or contractors.


RMG will provide 24-hour-a-day uniformed security guard for the Show beginning the first day that art work is delivered to the premises and ending when dismantling and load out is complete. Exhibitors are required to comply with any security procedures requested by RMG or RMG’s security service. Exhibitor recognizes that by participating in the Show, he/she assumes security risks that cannot be eliminated by RMG security service and that RMG does not secure insurance coverage for any individual booth or installation.


To maintain security, no artwork can be removed from the Show premises unless it is accompanied by an RMG purchase slip or under the control of a person carrying an exhibitor’s pass (the “Exhibitor’s Pass”). This procedure shall remain in place from the beginning of the set-up period through the completion of dismantling. Exhibitor representatives are required to wear an Exhibitor Pass at all times while at the Show.

Tax | Out of State Sales Tax

Exhibitor is solely responsible for compliance with California State sales tax requirements. Failure to comply may result in additional interest and penalty charges on all tax liabilities. It is each Exhibitor’s responsibility to make the appropriate tax payments and filings. RMG bears no responsibility for the failure of Exhibitor to comply with California State sales tax requirements.


Please refer to SALES TAX page 7 of the Exhibitor Kit.

Electrical Services

RMG will provide common area lighting, but shall not be liable to Exhibitor for any loss or damage due to failure or interruption of electrical services. Under no circumstances is Exhibitor allowed to install his/her own power connections or lights. Fire, safety and security regulations must be strictly adhered to by all Exhibitor agents, contractors, employees or representatives at all times.


RMG will be responsible for keeping the common areas of the Show location site clean. Exhibitor is responsible for maintaining his/her Booth and is required to leave the Booth in the same condition in which it was found, reasonable wear and tear expected. All hardware and signage within booth space must be removed by the Exhibitor or management will remove at Exhibitor’s expense.

Additional Conditions

RMG is entitled in the case of compelling reasons (including terrorist activity) or of Acts of God to cancel, postpone, shorten or extend the Show. Should any contingency beyond the reasonable control of RMG prevent the Show from taking place, Exhibitor shall have no right or claim of any damages of any kind, arising or alleged to arise by reason of any postponement, extension, shortening or cancellation of the Show. RMG may retain such part of Exhibitor’s Booth payment as shall be necessary to recompense it for expenses accrued until the time of such contingency. RMG shall not incur any liability whatsoever in the event of cancellation of the Show.


RMG reserves the right to expel from the Show any Exhibitor who violates these Terms and Conditions (the “Expellee”). Upon expulsion, Expellee will remain liable for the full amount of Booth rental and any additional charges incurred, including indemnification liability. While RMG will do its best to reasonably ensure it uses reliable contractors, agents and employees, RMG will not be liable for any failure to act by its contractors, agents and employees.


The Terms & Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the State of California and shall govern all matters arising from the Exhibitor’s participation in the Show. All judicial proceedings brought against an Exhibitor arising out of or relating to its participation in the Show may be brought in any State or Federal Court of competent jurisdiction in the State, County and City of California in the United States of America.These Terms & Conditions of Participation constitute the final and Exclusive Agreement between Redwood Media Group, LLC and Exhibitor.


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© 2015 Redwood Media Group, LLC

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