Artist Sabrina Rupprecht Raises Awareness of Endangered Species

Earth has lost 58 percent of its vertebrate animals since 1970, according to a report by the World Wildlife Fund report, but there’s still time to save the wildlife that is left—and artist [...]

Artist Roberto Georgge Supports Relief Efforts in Mexico with ASD Sales

There’s nothing better than having fun and doing good at the same time—and Roberto Georgge, a multidisciplinary artist represented by World Wide Art, is doing just that this weekend at Art [...]

San Diego Mayor Declares Sept. 28 Alejandro Salazar Day

Alexander Salazar knew September was going to be an exciting month. As part of National Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, the world-renowned Latino artist and international [...]

A Focus on Photography at Art San Diego

When you think of fine art, the first mediums that come to mind are probably paintings, sculpture, and glassworks. However, some of the world’s best abstract, contemporary, and realist [...]

From a Garage in Long Island to the Walls of the Wyland Center

Most people keep sports equipment, seasonal decorations, and office and school supplies in their garage. Not Arthur Pinajian. In the one-car garage and attic of the Bellport, Long Island, [...]

An Inside Look at the Landscape of the Art World

When you think about landscape art, you probably picture works that capture the beauty of mountains, valleys, trees, rivers, and forests. Yet landscapes—especially the ones created by the [...]

Explore Abstract Art at Art San Diego

Abstract art has no barriers, no boundaries. A visual language that relies on shape, form, color, and line to convey its message, abstract art can include everything from Wassily Kandinsky’s [...]

Three Local Galleries Feature Artists Inspired by Nature

Throughout history, nature has been a source of inspiration for artists, from hyper-realistic portrayals of the American landscape and wilderness to abstract contemplations of natural phenomena [...]

Up-and-coming artists and galleries to look for at ASD17

Find Your Inspiration at Art San Diego For the past nine years, Art San Diego has attracted established and up-and-coming artists and galleries not just from Southern California but also from [...]

3 Must-see Galleries at Art San Diego

The Art San Diego experience begins the second you step out of your car. Before you even enter the Wyland Center, you’ll pass through San Diego-based artist Sarah Stieber’s [...]