A Focus on Photography at Art San Diego

When you think of fine art, the first mediums that come to mind are probably paintings, sculpture, and glassworks. However, some of the world’s best abstract, contemporary, and realist [...]

From a Garage in Long Island to the Walls of the Wyland Center

Most people keep sports equipment, seasonal decorations, and office and school supplies in their garage. Not Arthur Pinajian. In the one-car garage and attic of the Bellport, Long Island, [...]

ASD17 Art Lab – Metamorphosis of the Migrant Era

José Hugo Sánchez is a border crosser. Literally, he crosses borders every time he travels from his home in Mexico to his home in the United States. Conceptually, he crosses borders in his work [...]

An Inside Look at the Landscape of the Art World

When you think about landscape art, you probably picture works that capture the beauty of mountains, valleys, trees, rivers, and forests. Yet landscapes—especially the ones created by the [...]

Explore Abstract Art at Art San Diego

Abstract art has no barriers, no boundaries. A visual language that relies on shape, form, color, and line to convey its message, abstract art can include everything from Wassily Kandinsky’s [...]

The Countdown to Art San Diego 2017 Begins

Art San Diego 2017 has new dates, a new location, and new experiences—and we want to make sure everyone is in the know. Last week, we hosted a Mix & Mingle Reception for artists, gallery [...]


Mikaela McLeish Wishes You Were Here Filipina Irish American artist Mikaela McLeish grew up in the age of screens, selfies, and Snapchats. Through painting, she hopes to disrupt the impermanence [...]

5 Things to Do in San Diego When You’re Not at Art San Diego

San Diego Restaurant Week Sept. 24–Oct. 1 You’re going to work up an appetite wandering the aisles at the Wyland Center. Treat yourself to an experience at one of over 180 restaurants [...]

Three Local Galleries Feature Artists Inspired by Nature

Throughout history, nature has been a source of inspiration for artists, from hyper-realistic portrayals of the American landscape and wilderness to abstract contemplations of natural phenomena [...]

And the 2017 San Diego Art Prize Goes To…

The San Diego Visual Arts Network announced the winners of the highly acclaimed San Diego Art Prize: Rizzhel Javier and Alexander Kohnke. Dedicated to the idea that the visual arts are a [...]

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