That’s a Wrap: Highlights of Art San Diego 2017

If there were any questions about if Art San Diego could still be Art San Diego at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, they were put to rest this past weekend. Annual visitors, as well as new fans, joined [...]

Artist Sabrina Rupprecht Raises Awareness of Endangered Species

Earth has lost 58 percent of its vertebrate animals since 1970, according to a report by the World Wildlife Fund report, but there’s still time to save the wildlife that is left—and artist [...]

ASD 2017 Day 3: A [FUSION] of Exhibitors and Collectors

Saturday at Art San Diego was all about the [FUSION] of exhibitors and collectors—from Meet the Artist events where attendees got the rare opportunity to get up close and personal with the [...]

Artist Roberto Georgge Supports Relief Efforts in Mexico with ASD Sales

There’s nothing better than having fun and doing good at the same time—and Roberto Georgge, a multidisciplinary artist represented by World Wide Art, is doing just that this weekend at Art [...]