5 Things to Do in San Diego When You’re Not at Art San Diego

San Diego Restaurant Week Sept. 24–Oct. 1 You’re going to work up an appetite wandering the aisles at the Wyland Center. Treat yourself to an experience at one of over 180 restaurants [...]

Three Local Galleries Feature Artists Inspired by Nature

Throughout history, nature has been a source of inspiration for artists, from hyper-realistic portrayals of the American landscape and wilderness to abstract contemplations of natural phenomena [...]

And the 2017 San Diego Art Prize Goes To…

The San Diego Visual Arts Network announced the winners of the highly acclaimed San Diego Art Prize: Rizzhel Javier and Alexander Kohnke. Dedicated to the idea that the visual arts are a [...]

Up-and-coming artists and galleries to look for at ASD17

Find Your Inspiration at Art San Diego For the past nine years, Art San Diego has attracted established and up-and-coming artists and galleries not just from Southern California but also from [...]

Sarah Stieber’s Rainbow Ribbon Magic

Sarah Stieber grew up in sun-soaked San Diego. Inspired by shiny, sparkly, and shimmery images from her youth, her artistic talent blossomed at a young age. While studying at Boston University, [...]

3 Must-see Galleries at Art San Diego

The Art San Diego experience begins the second you step out of your car. Before you even enter the Wyland Center, you’ll pass through San Diego-based artist Sarah Stieber’s [...]